New Woman to a New Millenium

This program included training workshops for Women on Developing Effective Communication Skills. That training initiative was suggested by United Way Belarus in 1999 and it is focused on women working in the third sector. Training course was aimed at cultivating confidence in women. It brought together women from regional NGOs. In order to encourage further development of leadership skills among women working in the third sector trainers focused the participants' attention on such issues as conflict prevention and resolution, art of negotiation, women’s leadership: challenges and opportunities.

Given that the majority of population actively involved in non-profit activity are women, we considered it as our priority to emphasize this focal point by providing special training events to NGO women.

As of today, women do constitute a significant segment of the Belarusian NGO activists and UWB contributes to the development of their leadership skills, and is ready to continue its involvement in this field of activities.