Welcome to the sole organization of business angels and venture investors in Belarus

“BAVIN” Not for profit Business Angels and Venture Investors Network is a unique Business Accelerator platform in Belarus which brings together the early stage investment market players, VCs and business expertise of angel investors with entrepreneurs and their new business ideas and startup ventures. 

Public association “Business angels and venture investors network” (BAVIN) was registered on November 10, 2010 in Minsk, and is dedicated to uniting capital owners and owners of business ideas without intermediaries, as well as promoting and supporting angel and early stage investment, fostering innovative startups with high growth potential, providing excess to smart money to get ideas off the ground.
The establishment of organization was initiated by a number of Belarus pioneer angel investors and owners of private companies from various industries: IT, insurance, construction, media, logistics, energy, retail, manufacturing, etc.
All of them are experienced entrepreneurs who look for opportunities where they can both invest and add significant value. Our Angels are willing to play an active role in their investee companies and accept the high risk while anticipating the potential high returns that can be commensurate with investment in entrepreneurial growth companies. Our members actively seek out these future Belarus success stories, not only to reap rewards from their research and diligence to do so, but also for the opportunity to reward the risk-takers and entrepreneurs who have made the necessary commitment it requires to build true, enduring companies - which serve to fuel innovation.
BAVIN acts as a Virtual business incubator which creates sustainable Deal Flow of investment opportunities, significantly increases entrepreneurial creativity and activity, brides early stage gaps by providing support to startups and growing SMEs in overcoming Death Valley (equity gap) thus enhance their way to self-reliance.
BAVIN works to create an ecosystem of sustainable business in the knowledge economy through bringing together startup entrepreneurs, private investors and early stage funds, universities, business incubators, high-tech and technological parks, venture capital funds and professional advisors.
BAVIN does not provide funding directly to businesses but it provides means of introduction and interaction between small and medium sized enterprises and private investors with entrepreneurial experience.
BAVIN has the purpose to significantly increase the quantity and quality of innovative deals, requiring early-stage angel investing. We create pipeline of equity investment opportunities for our member angel investors and provide them with access to high quality investment opportunities.
The main objectives of our organization are to source, filter, pre-qualify deals and maintaining the pipeline and the Deal Flow on an ongoing basis. We assist entrepreneurs with their executive summary and/or business plan to advance beyond the pre-screening and screening phases, help review and refine the presentation and provide feedback to the entrepreneurs, give them the opportunity to make pitch presentation of their venture to the angel investors at the full membership meeting. If membership shows interest and votes to continue pursing the opportunity next comes the due diligence process which would be completed before final investment decisions.
The angel investing process is a mixture of hunting and farming. Investors hunt as they source and screen for deals; and they farm once investments are made.
22 May 2012