“Start from Yourself” informational campaign launched in Bobruisk

“Start from Yourself” informational campaign for promotion of interests of disabled people was launched in Bobruisk on April 21, 2011. The campaign is carried out by the “Mercy Health Club” of the Leninsky city-district of the Belarusian Red Cross Society, together the Center of Social Welfare of the Population for Leninsky city-district, under the support of the International Children’s Fund in the Republic of Belarus. 

The campaign is aimed at consolidation of efforts of voluntary youth’s and non-governmental organizations of disabled people located in Bobruisk, in order to overcome the stereotype ideas about helplessness and lack of initiative of people with limited capacities. Everyone should think over, what he/she can do to improve the situation.
A number of creative events, meetings, etc. are scheduled within the campaign.
For contacts:
Tatiana Sinkevich
Head of the Day Stay Department for People with Disabilities
Tel. 8-0225 52-28-51
Source: BASW No. 179
18 May 2011