Irina Hanunik-Rombalskaya and Andrus Takinang launched a charitable project

On May 26, the Museum of History of the City of Minsk opened its doors for the participants of the first charitable children’s readings “WE Read”, within which presentation of the book by Yui Vislander was made. The central figures of the event were the children under care of Chance International Children’s Charity Foundation – kids who have just recovered from cruel diseases.  

The special task of this long-term project is to provide an opportunity for the children both to have a good time and make friends with known people who will act as elocutionists.
The arrangers of the event – AGT-BEL Communication Agency and the project arranger Sergey Tkachev – are going to conduct such reading monthly and invite, inter alia, inmates of orphanages.
30 May 2012