26 March 2007


    The World Bank and Nokia are pleased to invite youth organizations and their partners to apply for grants for projects which will help young people in transition to work or which will support their active citizenship and participation.

23 March 2007

22 March 2007

14 March 2007


    The Legislation strictly governs the procedure of signing, execution, changing, and termination of the labour contract; establishes mandatory provisions to be contained in any labour contract. The author gives detailed information on all issues related to labour contracts in an easily understandable form. The text of the brochure is available in the Russian language.

13 March 2007

  • See With Your Heart

    A new non-governmental organization named See With Your Heart was oficially registered on May 12, 2006.

7 March 2007

  • To the Non-Governmental Organizations

    The Ministry of Justice notifies that on July 19, 2005 the Law of the Republic of Belarus On Entering Changes and Additions to the Law of the Republic of Belarus On Non-Governmental Organizations was adopted and came into effect on October 29, 2005.

28 February 2007

  • Property of Aid to Children of Chernobyl under arrest

    Customs officials imposed a 330-million penalty on the leading charitable organization of Gomel region. 100 million roubles more are payable for utilization of spoiled food products which have failed to be supplied to its final consumers within the Chernobyl area. The products were stored in the warehouse, for which rent about 50 million roublles are to be paid. The result sum makes approximately Eur 200 thousand. The organization has not got such money.

23 February 2007


    Bila Tsirkva, Ukraine February 21, 2007Ukraine's second pilot public defender office (PDO) was launched last week in Bila Tsirkva, outside Kyiv. Lawyers from the office will help ?? protect the rights of criminal defendants by providing free legal aid and operating a 24-hour hotline to ensure timely access to counsel for the accused.

21 February 2007

  • Public Policy Seminar in Prague

    The Prague's Centre for Public Policy (Centrum pro verejnou politiku — CPVP) is pleased to announce the forthcoming European Spring Institute 2007 (ESI 2007) on the Future of Europe: Lobbying in Brussels

  • Public Policy Seminar in Prague

    The Prague's Centre for Public Policy (Centrum pro verejnou politiku — CPVP) is pleased to announce the forthcoming European Spring Institute 2007 (ESI 2007) on the Future of Europe: Lobbying in Brussels

20 February 2007

15 February 2007


    Tennis star donates US$ 100,000 to eight Chernobyl recovery projects in Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine


    e-CIVICUS is a free weekly online publication keeping tens of thousands of people, organisations and programmes informed of the many developments that are taking place in civil society organisations around the world, the many factors that are affecting the impact of civil society on creating a more just world.

14 February 2007

  • Delegation of Federation of Cuban Women paying visit to Belarus

    BELTA.A delegation of the Federation of Cuban Women has been paying a two-day visit to Belarus. Today Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Cuba to this country Omar Medina Quintero and representatives of the federation met with members of the working group of the National Assembly of Belarus for cooperation with the parliament of Cuba.

12 February 2007

  • Chinese Government Scholarship Programme

    As a follow-up to the commitment made at the 2006 EU-China Summit, the Chinese Government has launched a scholarship progamme entitled the Chinese Government Scholarship Programme (EU Window). This is a full scholarship scheme set up by the Chinese Ministry of Education for European students whose purpose is to expand student exchanges between China and the European Union. It will provide 100 full scholarships per academic year during the period from 2007 to 2011. The scheme will sponsor EU students to study Chinese in China for a maximum of one year. Secondary school graduates or undergraduates under the age of 35 years from EU Member States are eligible.

  • E-journal for ACTive people

    ACT International Educational NGO proposes its viewpoint on education in Belarus set forth in 'prACTice', an e-journal for ACTive people. For more details contact:

  • Invitation to seminar

    Independent Women's Democratic Movement NGO invites for participation in the training session named: "International System of Women's Rights and European Standards of Gender Equality". Training purpose is familiarization with the international system and main documents on women's rights, European standards and programs related to gender equality.

9 February 2007

  • Open Society Justice Initiative informs on its activities

    The Open Society Justice Initiative, an operational program of the Open Society Institute , pursues law reform activities grounded in the protection of human rights, and contributes to the development of legal capacity for open societies worldwide. The Justice Initiative combines litigation, legal advocacy, technical assistance, and the dissemination of knowledge to secure advances in the following priority areas: national criminal justice, international justice, freedom of information and expression, and equality and citizenship. Its offices are in Abuja, Budapest, and New York.

7 February 2007

  • A new web-site for children and juveniles will soon appear in Belarus

    A new informational and legal portal will help children to become competent in serious legal issues. Efforts aimed at development of the Belarusian first legal site for children and juveniles have started upon the instruction of Ms. N. Petkevich, the Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of RB. The purpose of this project is formation of positive perception of the Law as a state institution.

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