The first guidebook for homeless people was created in the Ukraine

The “Map of Social Services for Kiev” guidebook was presented in RegioNews Information Agency On February 21, 2012. The guide includes information on the sites, arranged in Kiev, where homeless people can get certain help. The guidebook was created by the Social Partnership Ukrainian Charitable Foundation with the support of the Renaissance International Foundation

According to Artem Makeyev, president of the Social Partnership Ukrainian Charitable Foundation ,  the guidebook will help to solve the following two problems: first, homeless people will learn where to apply for certain help; second, the organizations mentioned in the guidebook will learn about each other and will have information necessary to render help.
If certain help can not be rendered to a person who applies for it, then the workers of the organization whereto such person has come will open the guide and learn whereto they must send such person to be rendered the required help.
Here  one can see how to use the Map of Social Services.
22 February 2012