Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania launch Bella Dvina-2 project

The Belarusian-Latvian tourism project Bella Dvina gets its continuation and now will include Lithuania, BelTA learnt from Igor Zagrekov, a tourism expert on the Bella Dvina-2 project. 

Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania have launched a tourism project, Bella Dvina-2: Enhancing Tourism Potential in Latgale-Utena-Vitebsk Area, to promote tourism in the abovementioned regions. Bella Dvina 2 is a continuation of the EU project Bella-Dvina – Crossing the Border, Discovering the Culture, Enjoying the Nature of the Western Dvina/Daugava River implemented in Vitebsk Oblast and Latgale region in 2008-2010. The second part of the project saw Lithuania’s Aukstaitija among its partners. Now the project covers two transboundary tourism regions – Bella Dvina and the Baltic Lake District.
The two-year project is aimed at realization of the general marketing campaign of the transboundary regions, enhancing the potential of the tourist and information centers and specialists of the tourism sector, holding joint tourism events and supporting tourism infrastructure. The parties will develop new transboundary tourism routes, conduct themed festival and forums, publish joint brochures, maps and promotional materials. These as well as other materials will be distributed through international tourist exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia where the transboundary Belarus-Latvia-Lithuania region will be presented at the joint stand.
The leading partner of the project is the Latgale planning district. Partaking in the project are 11 partners including two from Latvia, three from Lithuania, five from Vitebsk Oblast. The budget of the project is almost EUR 1.8 million, 90% of which is an investment of the EU’s Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus Cross Border Cooperation Programme within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument for 2007-2013. Belarus’ investment in the project is over EUR 400,000.
15 May 2012