New signatories join the CORE Programme Declaration of Principles

For the past several days, three new entities have become signatories of the Declaration of Principles on the CORE Programme (Cooperation for Rehabilitation): a private enterprise Institute of Radiation Safety BELRAD, the Mogilev and Gomel regional executive committees.

BELRAD focuses on radiation monitoring, arranging radiation safety and population protection activities in the areas hit by the Chernobyl disaster, and conducting scientific research. BELRAD has become the first institute to sign the Declaration of Principles.

Participation of experts of the Gomel and Mogilev regions in the CORE Programme, and inclusion of representatives of the regional executive committees to the Approval Board staff will ensure efficient coordination of activities on rehabilitation of the living conditions of the affected population, and will allow the regions to take an active stance on international co-operation.

The Mogilev regional administration is interested in participating in the CORE Programme on a wide range of issues, and is ready for developing close co-operation in different spheres, Deputy Head of the Mogilev executive committee, Leonid Shkradyuk, noted.
According to Deputy Head of the Gomel regional executive committee Vladimir Nadtochayev, the regional administration is going to pay more attention to implementation of large-scale development projects concurring with the priorities of the national and regional programmes.

Accession of the Mogilev and Gomel regions to the CORE Programme opens new opportunities for joint elaboration and implementation of CORE large-scale thematic projects in the spheres of agriculture, health care, and radiological monitoring.

At present there are 33 signatories of the CORE Programme Declaration of Principles. The ceremony of signing of the Declaration by the Brest regional administration is scheduled for 15 November 2006, at the sitting of the COREs Preparation and Assessment Committee to be held in Stolin.

For more information please refer to Public Information Assistant of the CORE Support Project Alexei Tchistodarski at 227-05-72, or UNDP Communications Associate Vladislav Khilkevich at 227-38-17.

UNDP Press Release


2 November 2006