At the end of March Minsk will host a specialized training over working with children affected by violence

On March 26-27, 2012 Minsk will host a training for psychologists from socio-pedagogical centers (SPC) and investigators from the Committee of Inquiry on working with children affected by violence. The training will bring together the representatives of 12 regions of the country, where INGO “Ponimanie”/”Understanding” has opened or is currently opening child-friendly interview rooms: from Oktyabrskiy, Sovetskiy, Leninskiy SPC in Minsk, municipal SPC of Grodno, Gomel, Mogilev, Novopolotsk, regional SPC of  Kalinkovichi and Chashniky areas, from Center of Correctional and Developing Education and Rehabilitation in Brest region. 

An international expert, Dr. Neringa Grigutite (Vilnius State University) and one of the most experienced investigators of Minsk Committee of Inquiry will be the honorable guests of the training, who together with the participants will discuss the modern methods of obtaining and securing the testimony of under-age victims and witnesses of crime. Also the partakers of the training will improve their skills in conducting a child-friendly interview (interrogation) and the consolidation of the information obtained by means of audio and video recording.
The training is conducted by the International Non-Governmental Organization “Ponimanie”/”Understanding” within the frameworks of the project “Barnahus in Belarus 2011-12”, supported by the World Childhood Foundation (Sweden).
For information, please, call (017) 257-1212, (017) 259-4883.
22 March 2012