As many as 17.5 thousand Belarusian citizens have applied to La Strada Program since 2001

According to information obtained from “Gender Prospects” International Non-Governmental Organization, since 2001, as many as 17.5 thousand Belarusian citizens have applied via e-mail and telephone hotline to La Strada Program on the issues related to migration. 

As many as 134 appeals were received by La Strada by e-mail in the period from January to April 2012. Both Belarusians who are going to live abroad and the citizens who have found themselves in an emergency situation apply.
The majority of appeals concern different aspects of employment (24.5%). Also, family-and-matrimonial relations (23.1%), education (16.8%), immigration (16.8%), Au-pair (4.5%), passport and visa regime (2.7%) are of interest.
According to the analysis, the most popular destination countries for the Belarusians are as follows: Russia (20.3%), Germany (12.6%), Poland (5.6%), USA (4.9%), Egypt (4.9%).
La Strada Program has been functioning in Belarus since 2001. It is implemented by “Gender Prospects” International Non-Governmental Organization.
17 May 2012