Information on the Republican Association of Disabled Persons in Wheelchairs, NGO

The “Republican Association of Disabled Persons in Wheelchairs” Non-Governmental Organization is a non-profit organization established in 1997. It unites disabled people who suffer from disorders of locomotor apparatus, who use wheelchairs, and bed patients who need permanent nursing care. 

The Association’s main goals are as follows:
defence of civil rights and freedoms, lawful interests of disabled persons in wheelchairs, and their family members; prevention from all kinds of discrimination;
creation, for disabled persons in wheelchairs, of equal possibilities (as compared to other citizens of Belarus) for participation in all spheres of life and activities of the community and the State;
promotion of healthy mode of life;
monitoring, study, and analysis of disability problems;
assistance in employment of disabled persons in wheelchairs.
The main field of activity of the Association is conduct of events to defend the rights of disabled persons, and ensuring of compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus with respect to disability issues, including press conferences, round tables, meetings, etc., and also conduct of events with a view to rehabilitation of disabled persons in wheelchairs (camps, seminars for disabled persons in wheelchaits and their family members, specialists who work in this field); arrangement of sports events for disabled persons in wheelchairs, events for employment of such persons.
For more information please read the Belarusin/ Russian version.
For contacts:
Evgeny Shevko, Chairman
Republican Association of Disabled Persons in Wheelchairs NGO
2 April 2012