LLB-1-098 Project event: Festival of medieval culture “RUBON”, June 1-3

On 1-3 June 2012, Polotsk will host the Festival of Medieval Culture “Rubon” as part of its 1150th anniversary festivities. Participants of the festival will include enthusiasts from medieval re-enactment clubs of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, as well as folk craftsmen from Latvia.

Agenda of the festival includes the following activities:
• Tilting matches for archers and knights-in-arms in accordance with the rules of Early and High Middle Ages
• Buhurts (group tilting matches)
• Attack of the medieval castle situated in a picturesque historic spot on the Western Dvina
• Medieval feast.
The festival will feature performances, workshops on crafts, medieval dances, medieval cuisine, rune reading and traditions. Guests of the festival will have a chance to try medieval food and listen to the unique music of medieval times. Latvian medieval re-enactment clubs will come to Polotsk together with craftsmen from the region of Latgale who managed to carefully keep and develop traditions of old-time masters.
The festival agenda will also include performances and shows by bands and groups from Latvia (Latgale region) and Lithuania (Utena region). The festival is co-financed by the EU project “Fostering Capacity for Tourism Development in Latgale-Utena-Vitebsk Cross Border Region” (LLB-1-098) (BELLA DVINA 2), which is being implemented within the Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Cross-border Cooperation Programme.
Information prepared by:
Ivan Shchadranok
tel: +375 17 256 99 01
31 May 2012