Belarus was represented at the Congress of the European Association of Business-Angels

Business-angels from the “BAVIN” Community of Business-Angels and Venture Investors, Non-Governmental Organization, took part in the large-scale international events in the market of early stage venture investments – XII Annual Congress of the European Association of Business-Angels (EBAN), arranged in Moscow. 

EBAN – is the largest European Association of Business-Angels, seed funds, and other early stage venture investors. In Europe, it unites more than 250 business-angels networks which include approximately 20 thousand of active investors from 20 countries. BAVIN acts as a promoter of business-angels’ movement and ideas in Belarus and is a full member of EBAN.
More than 400 representatives from the leading international unions of business-angels, seed funds, service providers, state authorities and state development institutions took part in the Congress.
28 April 2012