On the state registration of non-governmental organizations, foundations

During 7 months of 2011, the Ministry of Justice has registered 7 newly-established non-governmental organizations, six of which have the status of republican NGOs (Belarusian Republican Non-Governmental Organization of Veterinary Medicine Practitioners for Unproductive Animals; “Reproductive Health” Belarusian Medical Non-Governmental Organization; “Belarusian Association of Athletic Fitness and Body-Building” Non-Governmental Organization; “Belarusian Weight-Lifting Masters” Republican Non-Governmental Organization; Belarusian Non-Governmental Organization of Stoma Invalids; “White Stork of Hope” Republican Non-Governmental Organization) and one has the status of an international NGO (Communists Union International, Non-Governmental Organization), and 2 newly-established foundations (“Idea” International Social and Economic Foundation; “Labour and Health” Republican Foundation). 

8 August 2011