15 June 2009

  • Zvyazda — Lida and Krichev are the best towns for business

    №108 (26466) 13.06.09 Results of “The Best City/Town for Business” competition were announced at the press conference, held in honour of Entrepreneurs’ Day, by Vladimir Karyagin, the Chairman of the Presidium of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, and the chairman of the Minsk Capital-City Union of Entrepreneurs and Sellers NGO, and Victor Margelov, the chairman of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship

7 May 2009

17 April 2009

19 March 2009

14 January 2009

18 September 2008

18 June 2008

  • Mini-Grants Competition Announced

    The mini-grants competition was announced within the project held by UNDP and the Global Environmental Foundation "Creation of Conditions for Stable Functioning of the System of Protected Water-and-Marsh Grounds in Belarusian Polesye (increase of effectiveness of management thereof and improvement of land tenure practice)".

28 February 2007

  • Property of Aid to Children of Chernobyl under arrest

    Customs officials imposed a 330-million penalty on the leading charitable organization of Gomel region. 100 million roubles more are payable for utilization of spoiled food products which have failed to be supplied to its final consumers within the Chernobyl area. The products were stored in the warehouse, for which rent about 50 million roublles are to be paid. The result sum makes approximately Eur 200 thousand. The organization has not got such money.

18 January 2007

  • Foster parents have united

    Foster Parent Club was established in Narovlya. According to BELTA, the Club was formed on the basis of the District Social and Pedagodic Center. Its staff includes a psychologist, a social pedagogue, specialists from the local Education Department.

2 November 2006

  • New signatories join the CORE Programme Declaration of Principles

    For the past several days, three new entities have become signatories of the Declaration of Principles on the CORE Programme (Cooperation for Rehabilitation): a private enterprise Institute of Radiation Safety BELRAD, the Mogilev and Gomel regional executive committees.

8 August 2006

17 June 2006

28 November 2005

  • CORE Programme approves 34 new projects

    34 new projects were approved in the framework of the Chernobyl Cooperation for Rehabilitation (CORE) Programme at an Approval Board (AB) session held yesterday in Chechersk, Gomel region during which representatives from the 30 signatories to the CORE declaration met to review the progress of the programme.

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