22 December 2009

18 December 2009

11 December 2009

9 December 2009

  • Vecherny Minsk — Unlimited Opportunities of Sports

    № 233 (12040) 08.12.09 “Sports without Borders” campaign timed to the International Day of Disabled People, supported by UNDP project, “Revival – Start” Minsk charitable foundation, and the Minsk City Skaters’ Federation took place on December 4 in the Minsk-Arena Cultural and Sports Center

8 December 2009

2 December 2009

30 November 2009

  • Vecherny Minsk — To the Day of Disabled People

    № 226 (12033) 27.11.09 The Noble Longing republican exhibition of the fine and applied arts of people with impaired vision will be held from 30 November to 20 December

27 November 2009

26 November 2009

24 November 2009

23 November 2009

20 November 2009

  • Vecherny Minsk — Be involved!

    № 221 (12028) 19.11.09 On 20 November at 17:00 a benefit concert will be held in Minsk in the Drerzhinsky Culture Palace. The event will be devoted to the European Cystic Fibrosis Day

19 November 2009

  • UNDP awards Sharapova scholarships in Belarus

    The United Nations Development Programme marked International Students Day by awarding five–year university scholarships to three students in Belarus in two separate ceremonies

17 November 2009

13 November 2009

11 November 2009

  • Vecherny Minsk — Slave-trader of the XXI century

    № 214 (12021) 10.11.09 Slave trade has not disappeared. Today it is kept a secret and has got a new name – traffic. According to the International Labour Organization, annually more than a million people become the victims of forced exploitation. 60 percent of them are involved in the sexual servicing sector

10 November 2009

  • Charity performance

    On November 17, the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre will give a charity performance, the funds from which will be transferred to the account of the Belarusian Children’s Hospice, Non-Governmental Charitable Organization

9 November 2009

6 November 2009

5 November 2009

  • Vecherny Minsk — Area of Culture

    № 209 (12016) 03.11.09 The portback election conference of the Belarusian Library Association was held in Minsk

  • Sovetskaya Byelorussia — Point of View

    №209 (23353) 04.11.09 The first specialized library for the blind people opened in Minsk as early as 1998. That was a central institution, included into “Vyspa” cultural and educational center under the auspices of the Belarusian Society of People with Impaired Vision (BelTIZ)

4 November 2009

  • Respublika — All Souls’ Day as a model of peacefulness

    № 207 (4873) 03.11.09 The members of the Union of Poles in Belarus visit on these days the graves of the Polish soldiers buried in the territory of Belarus. Such All Souls’ Days, when people bring flours and candles to the cemeteries and pay a tribute to their forefathers, are traditional to the Catholics

3 November 2009

  • Regular “Child’s Heart” Campaign in Minsk

    Cardiac surgeons from the USA will take part in the regular “Child’s Heart” campaign. According to information obtained in the Belarusian Children’s Fund, the campaign has started in Minsk and will last for two weeks

2 November 2009

30 October 2009

29 October 2009

28 October 2009

  • Zvyazda — Foster homes celebrate their 10th anniversary

    “Mercy” Adoptive Fathers’ Club, supported by the Belarusian Republican Youth’s Union and the Red Cross held “Under the Star of Maternity” final event in order to draw public’s attention to the problems of orphans in this country

27 October 2009

23 October 2009

  • The Human Rights Project rolls out its results

    A roll–out of results of the project “Promotion of a wider application of the international human rights standards in the administration of justice in Belarus” took place on October 20 in Minsk

21 October 2009

19 October 2009

16 October 2009

14 October 2009

  • Meet: Young Mother’s Group

    Prevention, intervention, education and support to young mothers – orphanage graduates with mental disorders

9 October 2009

  • “Vision-2050: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Belarus” Exhibition

    “Vision-2050: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Belarus” Exhibition arranged by Ecodom non-governmental organization, Green Network environmental society will be held in Minsk on the premises of the Belarusian State University and the Sakharov Minsk State Environmental University (till October 14) and also in Novopolotsk (October 15-17) and Grodno (October 22-24).

7 October 2009

6 October 2009

  • Social help to disabled people is also a business

    Belarusian non-governmental organizations have been offering the social order as a form of partnership form for a long time. Andrey Drozdovsky, the chairman of the Republican Association of Disabled People in Wheelchairs, treats the present-day situation as paradoxical

3 October 2009

  • Zvyazda — Young Wife School

    № 184 (26542) 30.09.09 The representative office of the German Popular Universities’ Association has been opened recently at the J. Rau Minsk International Educational Center (IBB)

29 September 2009

  • Vecherny Minsk — Shopping for Experience Sharing

    № 183 (11990) 28.09.09 Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Solution of Labour, Social and Economic Problems in the Companies’ Development, seminar was held in the premises of “Belarus” department store

28 September 2009

27 September 2009

  • Vecherny Minsk — Volunteers Unite Their Efforts

    № 182 (11989) 25.09.09 Volunteering and Society International Youth’s Forum will be held from 25 to 27 September in Minsk, arranged by the “Association of Belarusian Girl-Guides” Children's Non-Governmental Organisation and the Association of Guides and Scouts of Denmark

26 September 2009

23 September 2009

22 September 2009

21 September 2009

16 September 2009

  • International Scientific and Practical Conference

    “The 60th Anniversary of Signing Geneva Conventions: Confirmation of Adherence to the Fundamental Principles of the International Humanitarian Law and Development Thereof” International Scientific and Practical Conference was held on September 16 in Minsk by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus

14 September 2009

  • The Urinology Week will be held from 15 to 19 September in Belarus

    According to Nikolai Dosta, the Assistant Professor of the Urinology and Nephrology Department of the Belarusian Medical Academy, chairman of the Belarusian Association of Urinologists, the Urinology Week will be held from 15 to 19 September in Belarus on the initiative of the European Association of Urinologists.

8 September 2009

7 September 2009

  • PR Institute Launches its PR 4 PR Training Project

    In order to help students of PR-specialties to get into the heart of their profession, and to assist the employers in testing the students’ professional aptitude, PR Institute launches its PR 4 PR Training Project

4 September 2009

  • Vecherny Minsk — Bikers at Seaside

    № 164 (11971) 02.09.09 The 7th International Motor-Festival arranged by the “Iron Brothers” Motor Club will be held on 4-6 September at Minsk sea

25 August 2009

  • Nasha Niva — The Belarusian Greatest International Art-Festival

    DAH-09 international art-festival will take place from 25 August to 20 September in the Art Palace in Minsk. The festival will gather approximately 150 artists from 11 countries. Ales Rodin and Zmiter Yurkevich, together with the Artists’ Union of Belarus are the arrangers

21 August 2009

20 August 2009

  • Sovetskaya Byelorussia — Kindergarten for Grandmothers

    №153 (23297) 18.08.09 Every day except Monday the bus picks up throughout the city and brings the group of elderly people to the Minsk Jewish Community House

  • Once you have become a father, you should keep on

    The project “You Have Become a Father!” was arranged by the «Loving Fathers’ Club» non-governmental organization under the support of the representative office of «Bella Baby Happy» trademark in Belarus. The slogan of the event is “Once you have become a father, you should keep on”

18 August 2009

17 August 2009

13 August 2009

12 August 2009

11 August 2009

  • Respublika — The Lawyers will Render Help to the Athletes

    № 141 (4807) 01.08.09 An agreement on legal cooperation and information exchange was entered into between the Belarusian Republican Lawyers’ Union and the National Olympic Committee (NOC). It was signed by the Chairman of the Lawyers’ Union Victor Kamenkov and the NOC Secretary General Georgy Katulin

5 August 2009

24 July 2009

22 July 2009

  • Save One’s Life, Charitable Action Goes On

    8-902-101-3333 charitable telephone line, arranged by “Health in XXI Century” International Charitable Non-Governmental Organization for collection of donations for the children kept in Orphanage No. 1, continues its functioning

17 July 2009

10 July 2009

9 July 2009

  • Guidance Materials about EU Member-States Presented in Minsk

    “Unity in Diversity: on EU at School” set of guidance materials for teachers were presented in Minsk on July 7, informs BelaPAN. The set includes guidance materials, CDs, and post cards on EU member-states. The set was prepared by POST Educational Center, non-governmental organization, under support of the Conrad Adenauer Foundation

7 July 2009

  • Respublika — Memory of the Past, Concern for the Future

    № 122 (4788) 07.07.09 Yesterday, White Russia Republican Public Association carried out the Republic-level action timed to the 65th anniversary of liberation of Belarus from the German invaders and the Belarus Independence Day

27 June 2009

  • Entrepreneurship for Young People

    On June 25 the “Entrepreneurship ABC” Youth’s Non-Governmental Organization, under the assistance of the Commission on Youth Policy and Relations of the Minsk City Council of Deputies held in the premises of Secondary School No. 130 the round table “Development of Entrepreneurship among Youth with Restricted Capacities”

26 June 2009

23 June 2009

20 June 2009

15 June 2009

  • Zvyazda — Lida and Krichev are the best towns for business

    №108 (26466) 13.06.09 Results of “The Best City/Town for Business” competition were announced at the press conference, held in honour of Entrepreneurs’ Day, by Vladimir Karyagin, the Chairman of the Presidium of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, and the chairman of the Minsk Capital-City Union of Entrepreneurs and Sellers NGO, and Victor Margelov, the chairman of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship

12 June 2009

10 June 2009

3 June 2009

  • Zvyazda — A Volunteer is a Person with Open Heart

    № 20 (15574) 29.05.09 — Our Organization was among the first to start using the term “volunteer” in Belarus, said Volga Shmigelskaya, the head of the League of Youth Voluntary Service, Republican Youth's Non-Governmental Organization

2 June 2009

28 May 2009

  • Zvyazda — In the Format of Kindness

    № 94 (26452) 27.05.09 “For Defence of Life” concerts arranged in Minsk by the “Belarusian UNESCO Clubs Association” Republican Non-Governmental Organization, has become a good tradition

27 May 2009

  • Respublika — Dancing Waltz in a Mechanical Wheelchair

    № 93 (4759) 26.05.09 A dancing party for “special” children, first in the Republic, took place in the capital-city. This is our first event of such kind, says Tatiana Poyevskaya, chairwoman of the “World without Borders” Charitable Non-Governmental Organization

26 May 2009

  • Zvyazda — Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage will be Under Control of the Community

    The Public Supervisory Board has been created under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture. It includes the representatives fro non-governmental organization such as the Belarusian Voluntary Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, Belarusian Committee of the International Council of Monuments and Sights (ICAMOS), Belarusian Union of Architects, Belarusian Union of Artists, Belarusian Culture Foundation, “Revival” Belarusian Popular Front, “Historica” Non-Governmental Organization.

  • "Ponimanie" International Non-Governmental Organization invites to participate in the events devoted to the International Children’s Day

    "Ponimanie" International Non-Governmental Organization will conduct a number of events devoted to the International Children’s Day June 1, within the “We Are the Children” campaign. The events will be held in the premises of “Pobeda” Cinema, in collaboration with “Kinovideoprokat” Unitary Company, the Minsk City Executive Committee, and Rebenok.by Internet Portal. The partners of the campaign are the Mothercare trademark, Family Center of Julia Gusakovskaya-Starovoitova, other national business structures. Informational support will be rendered by the “Earth of People” Gallery

25 May 2009

23 May 2009

22 May 2009

21 May 2009

  • Narodnaya Volya — Disabled People Against Theatre Workers

    №75-76 (3001-3002) 19.05.09 Last week, the District Court for Frunzensky city-district of Minsk started hearing of the case instituted on the ground of a claim lodged by Sergey Drozdovsky, the chairman of the Belarusian Association of Disabled People in Wheelchairs, against a security guard of the Security Service of the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

19 May 2009

18 May 2009

  • Narodnaya Volya — Embassy of Sweden Presents

    №73-74 (2999-3000) 15.05.09 Embassy of Sweden in Minsk, under the support of the Swedish Institute and the Swedish State Council for Culture, together with the Belarusian partners, arrange traditional Days of Swedish Culture

16 May 2009

  • Narodnaya Volya — Czechia: Frank Portrait

    №73-74 (2999-3000) 15.05.09 “One Day in the Czech Republic” exhibition initiated by the Embassy of the Czech Republic and the national Artists’ Union has recently opened in the Palace of Arts in the capital-city

15 May 2009

14 May 2009

13 May 2009

  • Narodnaya Gazeta — “Belarus is our home”

    №85 (5000) 12.05.09 A unique republican-level event, wherein workers from Vatra” Belarusian Non-Governmental Organization of Ukrainians the Association of Koreans Residing in Belarus took part, was held in Ozertso village Minsk region

8 May 2009

7 May 2009

29 April 2009

  • Respublika — Imagination, Creativity and … Patience

    “Against Oblivion of Chernobyl: to Know, Remember, Overcome” – this is the name of the international project which presentation was held in Minsk in the House of Friendship. The project was initiated by the “Addresses of the Chernobyl Disaster. XXI Century” International Charitable Non-Governmental Organization

28 April 2009

21 April 2009

20 April 2009

10 April 2009

30 March 2009

  • “Voluntary Work and Society”, International Youth’s Forum

    Within the “Support of Voluntary Work of Girls and Young Women of Belarus”, joint project implemented by the “Belarusian Guides Association” Children’s Non-Governmental Organization, and the “Scouts and guides Association of Denmark”, the “Voluntary Work and Society” International Youth’s Forum will be held on 25-27 September, 2009.

26 March 2009

25 March 2009

23 March 2009

21 March 2009

17 March 2009

16 March 2009

  • On simplification of Procedures

    The Ministry of Justice makes all efforts to simplify procedures related to registration of non-governmental organizations.

11 March 2009

  • Center for Support of Chernobyl Initiatives

    “Center for Support of Chernobyl Initiatives” Republican Social and Ecological Non-Governmental Organization was registered at the Ministry of Justice on March 4, 2009. Ivan Nikitchanka, the initiator of establishing the organization is a Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences.

5 March 2009

4 March 2009

27 February 2009

  • Human Ecology in the Post-Chernobyl Period

    Human Ecology in the Post-Chernobyl Period, XVII International Scientific and Practical Conference will be held on 25-27 November 2009

  • Belorusy i Rynok — Belarusian Karate Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

    №8(843),23.02.- 1.01.2009 Karate is one of the most ancient kinds of sports in which nowadays millions people throughout the world are fond of. Originated in Japan in middle ages, this martial art under the name of karate-do has become the common property of the world civilization.

26 February 2009

  • Kastus Kalinousky and His Epoch in Documents and Cultural Tradition, Forthcoming Conference

    Revision of our knowledge about Kastus Kalinousky, tracing of his figure in the cultural tradition (first of all, in the cultural memory, expanded by mass media, immortalized in the monuments, street names, etc., in historiography, reference-books and literature), systematization of sources of investigation, identification of further investigation lines should be carried out.

6 February 2009

  • State Registration of Non-Governmental Organizations

    As of 1 January, 2009, as many as 15 political parties, 36 trade unions, 2221 NGOs (224 international, 702 republican, and 1295 local), 22 NGO unions (associations), 75 foundations (8 international, 3 republican, 64 local) were on the register in the Republic of Belarus.

30 January 2009

26 January 2009

  • Belarusian UN Model, 3rd International Conference

    Belarusian UNESCO Clubs Association, non-governmental organization will held “Belarusian UN Model” 3rd International Conference in Minsk from 12 to 15 April 2009. More than 350 students of schools and universities from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. Official language of the Conference will be English.

22 January 2009

  • New Opportunities of Medical Workers Training in TB Control

    On January 26, The Medical Personnel Education and Training Center will be opened in the premises of the “Research Institute of Pulmonology and Phthisiology” State Institution under the Health Ministry of Belarus. This Center has been created within the UNDP and Health Ministry joint project financed by the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria Control, TB State Program Support in the Republic of Belarus.

19 January 2009

  • “Convention of Rights of Disabled People”, Subject Meeting of the Third Sector Experts

    Representative Office of the Christian Children’s Foundation in Belarus invites for participation in the subject meetings of the third sector expert, held within the Program line “More Intensive Involvement of Disabled People in Civic Life and Decision Making Process”. Such meetings, held in the form of master classes, presentations, discussions are an excellent chance for NGO leaders to get knowledge, share experience, discuss and analyse their problems and success.

14 January 2009