9 December 2009

  • The Organization Needs Your Help

    The Day Habitation Department for people with restricted capacities (in Leninsky city district of Mogilev) wishes to open the pottery for young people with restricted capacities. The only thing is missing – the furnace for firing finished pieces

1 September 2009

15 July 2009

  • Respublika — Paradise for Children

    № 127 (4793) 14.07.09 The Camp for children of “Tabeya” Christian Charitable Organization of Mogilev opened its 13th season

1 July 2009

15 June 2009

  • Zvyazda — Lida and Krichev are the best towns for business

    №108 (26466) 13.06.09 Results of “The Best City/Town for Business” competition were announced at the press conference, held in honour of Entrepreneurs’ Day, by Vladimir Karyagin, the Chairman of the Presidium of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, and the chairman of the Minsk Capital-City Union of Entrepreneurs and Sellers NGO, and Victor Margelov, the chairman of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship

9 June 2009

  • Zvyazda — Alternative Pushkin

    № 103 (26461) 06.06.09 On June 5, birthday of Alexander Pushkin, winners of “My Pushkin” children’s paintings competition, devoted to Pushkin’s 210th anniversary, were rewarded

27 April 2009