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This section contains annotations of articles from the Belarusian Press, related to activities of the Belarusian NGOs and international structures which are acting in this country. To read annotations, press the name of the appropriate newspaper. Search in this section may be carried out in the Belarusian/Russian and English languages.

Press monitoring project was first launched by United Way Belarus in October 1996. This section shows activities of the Belarusian third sector at the national and regional levels.
At the moment, Database of Press Monitoring comprises more than 70 000 newspaper cuttings from 35 national and regional papers.
Only selected articles are placed on the Portal. Should you be interested in obtaining additional information, please contact United Way Belarus office.

10 March 2003

  • Sovetskaya Byelorussia — A fragment of the "Kursk" was transmitted to the Hotimsk museum.

    34(21700) 21.02.2003 The exposition of the Hotimsk museum was replenished with an unusual exhibit a fragment of the submerged submarine "Kursk". The director of the museum, Ivan Koslov informed, that this exhibit was presented to the museum by the deputy chairman of the State Security Committee of an Allied State, Ivan Yurkin, a native of Hotimsk district, an ex-seaman. The fragment of the submarine was passed to the museum with a covering letter by the Belarusian Society of Navy Servicemen.

  • Sovetskaya Byelorussia — 35.000.000

    34(21700) 21.02.2003 35.000.000 people have visited the memorial complex "Hatyn" for the last 33 years. Among guests of honour, the following personalities visited the complex — UN Secretary-Generals, U Tan and Peres de Kuelyar, political leaders — Richard Nikson, Fidel Kastro, Yasir Arafat.

  • Sovetskaya Byelorussia — National Olympic Committee has got a partner

    34(21700) 21.02.2003 Iraq ambassador extraodinary and plenipotentiary in Belarus, Salman Zeidan and an assistant President, a vice-president of the Belarusian National Olympic Committee, Nikolai Ananyev signed a collaboration agreement. Salman Zeidan noticed, that the iraqi side is interested in improvement of professional skills of its trainers' stuff, in training of iraqi athletes at the olympic centres "Staiki" and "Raubichi". In his turn, Nikolai Ananyev said, that the Republic of Belarus is ready to share its experiences. It is worth mentioning, that the Belarusian National Olympic Committee had already concluded such agreements with National Olympic Committees of Russia, the Ukrain, Italy, Serbia and Montenegro.

21 February 2003

  • Litaratura i Mastatstva — A hymn to the native land

    8(4194) 21.02.2003 Painters of Gomel region make a great contribution to the development of belarusian national culture. The masters in carving and fretwork take successfully part in different exhibitions. They have opened a new exposition at the picture-gallery of a Regional Organisation of "Belarusian Union of Artists", under the name "With faith, hope and love".

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