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This section contains annotations of articles from the Belarusian Press, related to activities of the Belarusian NGOs and international structures which are acting in this country. To read annotations, press the name of the appropriate newspaper. Search in this section may be carried out in the Belarusian/Russian and English languages.

Press monitoring project was first launched by United Way Belarus in October 1996. This section shows activities of the Belarusian third sector at the national and regional levels.
At the moment, Database of Press Monitoring comprises more than 70 000 newspaper cuttings from 35 national and regional papers.
Only selected articles are placed on the Portal. Should you be interested in obtaining additional information, please contact United Way Belarus office.

31 August 2010

  • Vecherny Minsk — The Theatre Helps to Open Children’s Talents

    № 162 (12219) 26.08.10 “Adradzhenne” (renascence) Theatre Group, that functions on the base of the Children and Youth Creative Centre for the Moskovsky city-District of Minsk, is the first and unique creative laboratory both in Minsk and in Belarus. The actors in the Theatre are the children who suffer from Down’s syndrome

19 July 2010

  • Sovetskaya Byelorussia — Each and all are dancing

    №131 (23522) 15.07.10 A special dance-recreational center of the Belarusian Foundation for Help to Sportsmen is located in Kolodistchy near Minsk, where the joint Belarusian – Russian project “Social Rehabilitation of Disabled People through Dancing, Can-do Labour and Communion with Nature” is implemented

16 July 2010

  • Vecherny Minsk — Let’s Build the Happy Family Home Together

    № 131 (12188) 14.07.10 Iryna Soborova, chairperson of the BelCommunicationEnergySaving” Holding Coordination Board, winner of the World Rotary Club prize, opened the “Belarus without Orphanages” Charitable Foundation

15 July 2010

8 July 2010

  • Vecherny Minsk — Merry-go-round

    № 126 (12183) 07.07.10 More than 50 children from orphanages, family-type homes, adoption families got an opportunity to visit, free of charge, the Dreamland amusement park. Touch on Life Charitable Foundation was the arrangers of the event

5 July 2010

24 June 2010

  • Gomelskaya Prauda — Community in Belarusian

    24.06.10 Approximately, eight thousand of Belarusians reside in Bryansk region (Russia). Three years ago they united into the “Belarusian Community for Bryansk Area” Non-Governmental Organization

21 June 2010

  • Zvyazda — Uladzimir Karyakin: Renascence day, though not a holiday

    № 118 (26726) 19.06.10 On June 15, the Belarusian entrepreneurs celebrated the day of entrepreneurship renascence, and on this occasion the Minsk Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers arranged its press conference, wherein the representatives of the regional business-unions participated by the party-line communication.

15 June 2010

  • Zarya — Warm Light of Foggy Albion

    14.06.10 Anny Kotkovets, the sixth year schoolgirl from Tushkovichy village, Ivanovo district, did not need an interpreter for communication with the guests from Great Britain. When she could not find the right word, Jerry Bailey willingly helped her

14 June 2010

  • Narodnaya Gazeta — Non-Blooming Children

    №108(5271)12.06.10 The Project for project of prevention from children abuse and rendering help to affected children can be included into the “Children of Belarus” Presidential Program for 2011-2015

10 June 2010

  • Vecherny Minsk — Emotional outburst in the open air

    № 107 (12164) 09.06.10 “Healthy Choice” International Youth Organization, supported by the Educational Department of the Minsk City Executive Committee, arranged a fest for orphans and foster parents from the family-type children's homes.

1 June 2010

  • Vecherny Minsk — 4383 Days of Childhood

    № 101 (12158) 01.06.10. From 3 to 15 June “4383 Days of Childhood” photo exhibition will function in the Belarusian Children’s Fund

26 May 2010

  • Zvyazda — To know what is a normal child’s life

    № 100 (26707) 26.05.10 In August, the Belarusian Children’s Fund will gather, on the premises of “Hope XXI Century” International Rehabilitation and Recreation Center, 40 children who have undergone cordial surgery. The session named “Merry Hearts” needs volunteers’ support

13 May 2010

11 May 2010

  • Zvyazda — Victory in Personalities

    № 89 (26697) 11.05.10 “Women’s Faces of Victory” photo exhibition is waiting for its audience in the capital-city Palace of Veterans

7 May 2010

6 May 2010

  • Vecherny Minsk — Back to the Future

    № 84 (12141) 06.05.10 On the first of may the Minsk residents and guests got an opportunity to satisfy their thirst for the beautiful: “Retro-Minsk-2010” International Retro- and Classic Cars Rally took place in the city, arranged by AutoAmerica Non-Governmental Organization

5 May 2010

  • Vecherny Minsk — Meeting of the War Affected Children

    № 82 (12139) 04.05.10 Their previous meeting took place last autumn. Their ranks have are thinning out. Alexander Naumenko, chairman of the district branch of the “Belarusian Association of the Young Prisoners of Fascism” Non-Governmental Organization has to acknowledge this fact

3 May 2010

29 April 2010

  • Respublika — The Route of Memory

    № 77 (4989) 29.04.10 Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Air Force and Navy (DOSAAF), together with the Representative Office of the Standing Committee of the Union State, the Minsk City Executive Committee and DOSAAF of Russia will conduct, from April 29 to May 7, an international motor rally along the Minsk-Brest-Gomel-Novozybkov-Moscow route

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