It is so easy to respond

17.02.12 — charitable Internet shop appeared in Belarus. Anyone who wishes, may put his/her goods for sale at this site; proceeds from sale will go to the settlement account of the Belarusian Childrens Hospice, charitable non-governmental organization, – said Lilia Sudilovskaya, chairwoman of the Mogilev Children’s Hospice, Charitable Non-Governmental Organization

This is not a single may to help to the Belarusian Children’s Hospice. The charitable telephone line functions for the second year. When you dial 8-902-101-0000, you get an opportunity to donate 5700 BYR to ill children.
The Mogilev Children’s Hospice is unable to arrange such remote donation system yet, – says Lilia Sudilovskaya. ButtherearemanypeopleinMogilev, whowishto lend a helping hand to the Hospice patients. Owingtotheirdonations, Hospice raises approximately one million BYR. Usually, not rich people are responsive^ pensioners, women in maternity leave, volunteers.
E.g., one of the workers of the Mogilev company showed his willingness to transfer monthly one half of his salary to the account of the Mogilev Children’s Hospice. Also, during five years the students of the Economic Department of the Belarusian-Russian University bring the New Year presents and arrange concerts for ill children. Hernan Meyenan, chairman of Dengal ABC Charitable Organization from Ireland renders regular help.
For more information please read the Belarusian/ Rusian version.
24 February 2012