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5 September 2005

  • The first division of Belarusian Poles Union

    ? 1547, 02.08.2005. Belarusian police has seized the House of Poles in Grodno. Belarusian Poles Union in the city is now headed by Tadeush Kruchkouski, who was removed from the office of the chairman of BPU in March, 2005. The special services and the police are guarding the building.

18 May 2005

  • A new scandal around the union of Poles

    The management of the non-governmental organization The union of the Poles in Belarus stops for two weeks publication of its manual. The decision was taken as a reaction to the decision of the City court of Grodno to reinstate the editor of the publication Andzei Dublikovsky.

19 April 2005

  • Internet against human traffic

    An information search system Belarus against trafficking was created within the frames of the project of the European Union and UN. The system represents a database of different structures dealing with the problem of human traffic.

30 March 2005

  • A woman at the helm

    ? 20 (1512), 22.03.2005 Last weekend an action Women maneuvers-2005, initiated by the activists of the non-governmental organization Belarusian club of automoto-tourism, took place in Minsk.

11 March 2005

  • The foundation of psychological relieving

    ? 16 (1508), 04.03.2005 A famous Belarusian poet, Vladimir Neklyaev has recently informed that he is going to establish a foundation, the main aim of which will be to help the people, persecuted by the authorities.

  • Termless March

    № 15 (1507), 01.03.2005 A termless strike of entrepreneurs will start in March. According to the prognosis of the National non-governmental organization Perspective, more than 120 000 of people — 80% of Belarusian businessmen are going to participate in the strike.

22 February 2005

  • Sociology without secrets

    № 11 (1503), 15.02.2005 The Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus passed a warning to the Independent Institute of social-economical researches.

15 February 2005

  • The split of invalids

    № 9 (1501), 08.02.2005. The belarusian invalids are going to hold an action of protest at the building of USA embassy. The cause for the action, according to the head of the non-governmental organization Belarusian association of invalids in wheel chairs, is disrespectful attitude of the American president towards the Alyeksandr Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus.

4 February 2005

  • Slight help

    The citizens of the Republic of Belarus are quite passive towards the consequences of the tragedy happened in Asia. They're two explanations: the first is that some time has already passed after the tsunami and the second one is that people think that their donations are too small to help the victims.

26 January 2005

  • Powerful arithmetic

    № 4 (1496), 21.01.2005. The direction of a non-governmental organization "Belarusian Association of Journalists" is going to spend the prize-money for creation of a new alternative net of distribution or for buying a new printing equipment. But the organization is not allowed to use the money.

  • Defense for Marinich

    №3 (1495), 18.01.2005. The sentence for Marinich gave a new cause for the World community to criticize a politic situation in the Republic of Belarus.

12 January 2005

  • The World helps

    Last week the President of the Republic of Belarus signed an agreement on rendering a humanitarian aid to the regions suffered from the tsunami in Asia. An approximate sum, which was provided by the Belarusian government, is $40 000.

14 December 2004

  • Belarusian-swedish Photohokku

    №96 (1487), 10.12.2004. The museum of modern arts and Minsk branch of the Swedish embassy in Minsk under financial support of the Swedish institute have prepared an unusual literary-photo exhibition Photohokku, where the Japanese prose gets a visual form.

13 December 2004

  • Officials are against writers

    №95 (1486), 07.12.2004. The Belarussian non-governmental organization "Union of Belarusian writers" received the second warning from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.

  • "Artel" is in a museum

    №95 (1486), 07.12.2004 An international non-governmental organization "Creative Professional Artel of Artists" organized an exhibition "Artel" in the Museum of Modern Arts, the exhibition is dedicated to an anniversary of the organization.

9 November 2004

  • The State helps

    The activity of the International Organization Counterpart International was stopped in the Republic of Belarus. The organization has worked in the country for seven years already.

8 September 2004

  • Banking beyond the protocol

    The International inter-banking conference "Banks, capital and investments in the beginning of the XXI century" is planned to be held in Minsk. According to the head of the Minsk Capital Union of Entrepreneurs and eployeers, Vladimir Karyagin, the conference is organized by the Minsk Union of Entrepreneurs and Employees, the association of Belarussian Banks and a company Deloitte&Touche. It is expected that the representatives of financial establishments and economists from 10 countrieswill participate in the conference.

24 August 2004

  • Olympic money

    The article narrates the history of financing of the Olympic games.

23 August 2004

  • Mosly abdicates his commission

    The head of the International Federation of AutoSport, Max Mosly, announced about his resignation. His successor is not yet announced.

16 April 2004

  • Everything is under control

    27(1418) 09.04.2004 Oleg Slizhevsky (Deputy Head of the NGO Administration of the Ministry of Justice of Belarus) outlines the major fields of NGOs and political parties' activities. The article contains the information on registration and liquidation of NGOs. There are also some statistical data in the article.

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