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10 August 2006

  • Belarusians decently compete at finswimming competition

    №11(333), 21.03.06.Belarusian sportsmen performed decently at the second round of the world finswimming championship in the Hungarian town of Hajduszoboszlo. Belarus was represented by teams of the DOSAAF from Novopolotsk and Minsk. Representatives of the DOSAAF central council told, the Belarusian sportsmen  won one gold and three bronz medals.The good results gave Belarusian sportsmen  an opportunity to partake in the world finswimming cup finals, wich is scheduled to take place in Poland in October 2006.

  • UNDP Trains Belarus Officials, NGOs in Gender Mainstreaming

    №4(336), 11.04.06. A series of trainings on gender mainstreaming were held by UNDP experts in Minsk last week to facilitate a better alignment of the work of Belarusian legislative and executive authorities, and NGOs with principllles of gender equality. The training provided basic knowledge and skills in gender mainstreaming highlighting its importance in the work of NGOs, legislative and executive authorities.

  • Minsk to host UNESCO — sponsored international conference in July 2009

    №15(337), 18.04.06. An international scientific conference "World Folklore Legacy: Past, Present, Future " under the auspice of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization will take place in Minsk in July 2009.The dicision was taken by the UNESCO's folk songs commision. The applications to host the conference were filed by Belarus, Holland, England, but Belarus proposal turned out to be the most interesting one.

4 August 2006

  • World Customs Organization to help Belarus work out development concept

    №5(347), 10.07.06.The World Customs Organization (WCO) plans to assist The State Customs Committee of Belarus in working out its development concept. The WCO  is to provide advisory and methodological assistance, the press service of The State Customs Committee  said refferring to the results of a meeting of the WCO Counsil in Brusels.

  • Agrotourism Pioneers Still Face Problems In Belarus

    №5(347), 10.07.06. A model contract for rendering agrotourism services will put relations between tourists and the owner of thr farmstead in order  and will allow using decree № 372 "Measures to develop agrotourism and ecotourism in Belarus" in full.

  • Motorbike charity tour "20 Years after Chernobyl" arrives in Belarus

    № 22(344),13.06.06.Participants of the international motorbike charity tour "20 Years after Chernobyl"  arrive in Belarus on 7 June. The action organised by the International association Eurobiker started in Austria on June, 3 The tour participants have already passed Slovakia and Ukraine.

  • IHF president ariives in Minsk to draw up program on developing Belarusian handball

    №20(342), 20.05.06. One of the main goals of president of the International Handball Federation (IFH) Dr. Hassan Moustafa to Minsk is to draw up program on developing Belarusian handball. Dr. Hassan Moustafa  stated about it in the course of a meeting with speakerof the lower chamber of the Belarusian parlaiment. Dr. Hassan Moustafa  has expresed hope that the IFH jointly with Belarus and the Belarusian Handball Federation will draw up an effective development program.

8 December 2005

  • "Mothers Against Drugs" from Belarus Became Winners of UN Vienna Civil Society Award

    № 44 (318), 02.11.2005. The winners of the annual United Nations Vienna Civil Society Award established in 1999, which honours individuals and organizations who have outstanding contributions to the fight against drug abuse, crime and terrorism, received their prizes in Vienna, on 21 November. Belarusian NGO "Mothers Against Drugs" is Among the 2005 winners.

1 November 2005

  • Foreign Ministry's Report on the Belarusian Language Not Accurate

    ? 40 (314), 25-31.10.2005. The Foreign Ministry of Belarus has published a reporton "The current state of the of the Belarusian language in the Republic of Belarus", which states that the use of the Belarusian language is being widened in various areas: education, culture, the media. The Belarusian Language Association finds this publication by the Foreign Ministry inaccurate.

17 October 2005

  • Andzelika Borys can become honorary consul of Poland in Belarus

    ? 34 (308), 13-19.09.2005. The head of Belarusian Union of Poles Andzelika Borys, who is not recognised by Belarusian authorities, met with Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka in Warsaw. The head of the Polish government told that Poland is to support the leadership of BUP headed by Borys. Marek Belka also proposed Andzelika Borys to become an honorary consul of the Republic of Poland in Belarus.

6 October 2005

  • Congress of Democratic Forces Elects Single Candidate for Presidency

    ? 37 (311), 04-10.10.2005. A single opportion's candidate in the next year's presidential race was elected on the second day of the Congress of the Democratic forces of Belarus in Minsk. Alexandr Milinkevich, a former leader of Belarusian Association of Resource Centers, has become the single candidate of political opposition.

22 August 2005

  • Turov and Druya Hospitals Receive Humanitarian Assistance from the United States European Command

    ? 29 (303), 2-8.08.2005. On July 19th, 2005, the Defence Attache Office, United States Embassy Minsk, on behalf of the United States European Command, transferred a Ford Transit 12 pax passanger van worth $ 5,000 to the Turov Regional Hospital. On Jyly, 18th, 2005, the Defence Attache Office, Minsk, on behalf of EUCOM donated passanger Transporter 3, 10 KW and 60 KW Generators, with total value over $ 30,000 to Druya Hospital.

18 August 2005

  • Bykov's Museum Begs for Help

    ? 23 (297), 21-27.06.2005. The chairperson of the Grodno Municipal Public Association of Veterans of War, Labour and Armed Forces Nikolay Melnikov begs the public for assistance in the work of the museum of Belarusian national writer Vasil Bykov (19.06.1924-22.062003). The museum had been founded in the Association premises right after the demise of the great writer.

15 August 2005

5 August 2005

  • Terms for Non-governmental Organisations Have Been Toughened Up

    Belarus-Today, No.27 (301), 19-25 July, 2005. President's Decree No. 302 On some measures to regulate the activity of public funds has significantly changed the terms of registration and activity for this sort of non-governmental organisations in Belarus.

19 April 2005

  • Belarus Professor Makes Outstanding Discovery.

    For hundreds years Raphael Santi's fresco the School of Athens at the Vatican Library has kept a secret that is related to our country. The discovery is made by Professor of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Eectronics Grigory Reviako who has found a striking resemblance of one of the persons from the fresco of the famous Italian painter to Frantisek Skorina. His evidence is so convincing that is impossible to dispute it.

7 April 2005

  • Pope John Paul II has died at the age of 84

    John Paul II, the first Slavic pope, has died at the age of 84. He passed away at 9:37 p.m. at his private apartment in the Vatican. The pope — whose pontificate was the third-longest in the history of the Roman Catholic Church — died after suffering heart and kidney failure following two hospitalizations in as many months.

18 March 2005

  • Lukashenko Wants to Bring Advertising Business in Order.

    Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has resolved to bring order into Belarusian advertising. Following his order, the Minsk city administration has removed all French fashion models with "worn out faces" to replace them with pink-cheeked Belarusian beauties. The Belarusian Interior Minister has already checked all model agencies to make sure they are not involved in human trafficking.

  • Opera, Ballet Theater to Be Closed for Reconstruction.

    Starting from September 1, the National Theater of Opera and Ballet will be closed for reconstruction. The Emergency Ministry states that the engineering services in the building are depreciated and the electrical equipment has worked for several normative periods. We are going to peep in the theater life behind the curtains that hide its splendor and poverty.

22 February 2005

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