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10 March 2009

  • The Experts Need to Look About Them

    09.03.2009 From 10 to 13 March, the World Bank (WB) Expert Group will monitor the financed projects in the field of energy efficiency in Belarus.

2 February 2009

  • Lawyers from Belarus and Russia will Cooperate

    An agreement of cooperation has been signed in Moscow between Victor Kamenkov, the chairman of the Belarusian Republican Lawyers’ Union, and Pavel Krasheninnikov, the Chairman of the Lawyers of Russia Association.

7 December 2005

  • Love at first payment

    № 43 (511), 31.10.2005. The report on the results of the assembly of Belarusian National Youth Union reads that the government and Minsk Executive Committee were entrusted with a task to help this NGO become self-supporting and to popularize the achievements of young workers more effectively

4 October 2005

  • Youth can received a rise

    On August 11, 2005 the president signed a decree, that provides an opportunity to pay a rise to the scholarship for students who participate actively in civil work.

18 August 2005

  • One Must not Take Aim at Bird

    № 29 (497), 25.07.2005. An excellent action for the amateurs of art photography was organised by the NGO "APB-BirdLife Belarus". The action "Better a crane in the sky than a stuffed bird in hands" is aimed at combating illegal taxidermy. Those who will bring stuffed birds of prey in "Palyaunichy" and "Hunting Goods" shops from July 20 till August 20 exchange them for colourful photos of birds taken up by professional animalists.

3 May 2005

  • A risk group is somewhere here

    The AIDS still remains one of the global threats to the mankind. The National non-governmental organization Belarusian association of UNESCO clubs within the frames of the UNDP project tries to create the portrait of a woman, involved in sex-business; characterize their behavior and ways of their preventive interference from the point of view of AIDS.

23 March 2005

14 March 2005

  • Our woman gives odds

    The national non-governmental organization Belarusian womens union held a meeting with representatives of the Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Belarus in order to discuss the position of Belarusian women in a political decision making processes.

9 February 2005

20 January 2005

  • A severe decree

    №2 17.01.2004. The Head of a non-governmental organization "Belarusian Artists' Union" shares with the readers his views on a new decree "On measures for prevention of economy crimes, banning of corruption and bribery".

  • Democracy forces cleaned up

    №2 17.01.2004 The Belarusian opposition is working at "a new efficient strategy" for nomination of its candidate for the Presidency. A suggestion to prepare the strategy was proposed by a group of civil initiatives "Free Balarus", which embraces "Charter-97", "We remember" and some other.

10 December 2004

  • Well not be bored without WCF

    The article contains a survey on the situation of the Belarusian economy and the recommendations of making some reforms in the budget politics, proposed by the World Currency Foundation.

15 November 2004

  • The program of education of managers

    The program of education of managers will be begun in the Republic of Belarus within the frames of the TACIS project "Europe Aid". The program aims at education of middle-career managers. For more information:,

28 October 2004

  • AIDS goes through the country

    39(456)04.10.2004 According to the official information, provided by the UN specialists, the AIDS is spreading in Belarus faster than in Africa.

29 September 2004

  • There, where Dzhynky are ahead

    №37 (454) 20.09.2004 The first data on the results of the registration to the deputies were announced on September 17 at the press-conference of the Central Election Committee. Among those, allowed to agitation, are a leader of the block Young Belarus, Pavel Severinets and an independent candidate from Grodno Alexsander Milinkevich.

31 August 2004

27 August 2004

  • Belarus! Your people will receive what they are waiting

    32(449) 16.08.2004 The Frantsysk Skaryna Belarusian Language Society believes in the future of the Belarusian language, they think that the language will be reborn through a so-called "trasyanka" a mixture of Russian and Belarussian.

26 August 2004

25 August 2004

  • The International Finance Corporation

    24(441) 21.06.2004 The International Finance Corporation is looking for experienced and motivated candidates to work in its regional office in Mogilev as Regional Coordinator.

23 August 2004

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