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13 May 2010

  • All-powerful and Unprotected

    № 18(904) 10-16 May 2010 If it were not the Presidential Sports Club that gave money for the travel, Anna Gorchakova and Igor Kiselev would not have won gold medals

12 May 2009

  • Book Exhibition Devoted to the 190th Anniversary of S. Monyushko

    07.05.2009 “Musical World of Stanislaus Monyushko” exhibition devoted to the 190th anniversary of the most well-known composer of the XIX century was opened on May 5 in the Informational Exhibition Centre of the Y. Kolas Central Research Library under the National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Belarus

2 April 2009

30 March 2009

27 February 2009

  • Belarusian Karate Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

    №8(843),23.02.- 1.01.2009 Karate is one of the most ancient kinds of sports in which nowadays millions people throughout the world are fond of. Originated in Japan in middle ages, this martial art under the name of karate-do has become the common property of the world civilization.

26 September 2008

  • Geert-Hinrich Ahrens comes to Minsk

    №32(816),11.08.2008 Geert-Hinrich Ahrens, head of the long-term election observation mission of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), will come to Minsk on August 11. This information was obtained from the Central Election Committee.

29 August 2008

  • Willy-nilly reforms

    №29(813), 21.07.2008. Intense debates occurred when discussion the recent governmental initiatives at the meeting of the Republican Directors Club under the Belarusian Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named after Kunyavsky.

2 April 2008

5 December 2005

  • BHC is in jeopardy again

    №40 (675), 17 — 24.10.2005. The Supreme Economic Court is to to apply economic sanctions to the NGO "Belarusian Helsinksky Committee".

3 November 2005

  • BAJ celebrates its first anniversary

    On September 16 at the Belarusian Association of Journalists' festival Pavel Sheremet, a representative of Russian First TV channel, intends to present a Dmitry Zavadsky Award "For Courage and Professionalism" to several Belarusian journalists.

4 October 2005

  • We made mistakes, because we worked

    The newspaper "Belorusy i rynok" published one of the leaders of Belarusian Entrepreneur's Union's comment on S.Balykin's article "Love was without joy".

16 August 2005

  • Unity In the Name of Fatherland

    ? 28(663), 25.07 01.08.2005. The IVth Congress of Belarusians of the World was held in Minsk on July 16. The charter event of the NGO "The World Association of Belarusians "Batskaushchyna" gathered 252 representatives of Belarusian nation from the Republic of Belarus and more than 20 other countries.

25 May 2005

  • Back-braking load

    A meeting of a non-governmental organization Belarusian union of tax payers took place on the 26 of April.

3 May 2005

  • UN severe resolution

    United Nations Organization issued a resolution in which the UN expresses its concern on the fact that high officials of the Belarusian government are accessorial to disappearance of people in the Republic of Belarus.

30 March 2005

  • In search of the unified

    According to a survey, 90% of the majority of leaders and experts are sure that the presidential elections will take place as it was foreseen by the belarusian legislation in 2006.

22 February 2005

9 February 2005

  • Internet consultations

    Belarusian entrepreneurs have got a competent assistant a city informational system,

    which was worked out by a specialists of the non-governmental organization "Informational society".

20 January 2005

  • A present for human rights defender

    №1(636), 10 17.01. 2005. The State Control Committee suspended a preliminary investigation of the criminal case against officials of the National non-governmental organization Belarusian Helsinki Committee.

  • Belarusian court sentenced Mihail Marinich

    A prominent Belarusian opposition figure was sentenced to five years in prison after being convicted by a Minsk court of stealing computers belonging to the U.S. Embassy. But Mikhail Marinich says the computers had been handed over free of charge by the U.S. Embassy in Minsk to the Marinich-led Business Initiative Organization.

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