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7 May 2012

5 December 2005

  • Creativity club celebrates its birthday

    № 42 (763), 13.10.2005. The Creativity club at Brest Kinovideocentre "1 May" has celebrated its first birthday. The club was founded by several Brest needlewomen. During a year the association has increased up to 40 members, who organised 8 exhibitions of their works: embroidery, lace, etc.

3 November 2005

28 September 2005

  • 15-th mini-football championship

    № 33 (754), 11.08.2005. The 15-th Non-governmental organisation "Amateur Mini-Football Club "Amatar" announces the start of the appication campaign for XVth city mini-football championship among amateurts.

5 August 2005

  • Agony of Fire

    № 29 (750), 14.07.2005. The results of ecological action Black ashes have been summed up. The event, that took place in Brest region this spring, was organized by Brest Youth NGO Invalid and Surroundings, the Center of Propaganda and Education at Regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and other state institutions.

25 May 2005

28 April 2005

  • The Youth demands quality music

    № 16 (737), 14.04.2005. Brest regional youth non-governmental organization Suzore starts a new action Sounds, aimed at popularization of Belarusian music. Every participant of the action can change audio-cassettes for those with Belarusian music.

19 April 2005

  • Sociology on the march through the post soviet territory

    An international scientific-theoretical conference of sociologists took place in Brest state university. The event was organized by a non-governmental organization Sociological society, the Ministry of education and the Institute of sociology.

21 March 2005

  • Prosvita regenerates

    The non-governmental organization Prosvita held its board conference on the 27 of February.

15 February 2005

  • Slavery abroad is not for our women

    №6 (727), 03.02.2005. A seminar on cooperation of state, international and non-governmental organizations in the field of resistance to human trafficking took place in Brest.

  • The spirit of Ecopolice is alive

    № 6 (727), 03.02.2005 The children ecological organization Ecopolice celebrated its 10th anniversary on the 31st of January.

11 January 2005

  • We are stewing in our own juice although the legislation is ready already

    № 2 (723), 07.01.2005. The fourth final session of the Soviet on Business Development in the Republic of Belarus took place. The representatives of a non-governmental organization Brest union of entrepreneurs Assistance answered the questions on results and future plans of the Soviet.

  • Rotary International is older than UN Organization

    № 2 (723), 06.01.2005 The international non-governmental movement Rotary international, uniting thousands of people all around the World, is 100 years old. One of the numerous Rotary clubs functions in the Republic of Belarus in Brest.

15 December 2004

  • Ours let down

    One of Brest writers' NGOs received a written warning for violation of a law for having not provided a tax inspection with a month report on its commercial activity. But it is a notorious fact already that such organizations do not have any commercial activity.

8 November 2004

  • Last means

    One of the journalists of the closed newspaper Pagonya, Pavel Mozheiko started a hunger strike, after the Grodno court adjudged him to 7 days arrest. The journalist was accused of administrative violation of law by participating in an unsanctioned action of protest.

22 October 2004

  • Speed maneuvers

    42(711)14.10.2004 The fifth stage of the National Action The sport for safe roads took place in Brest on October 10, 2004 . One of the organizers of the action is the Belarusian Automobile Federation.

  • Do not disturb the nests, find an opportunity to build them

    42(711)14.10.2004 The Belarusian Non-Governmental Organization BirdLlifeBelarus is one of the initiators of an appeal against a new tourist complex, which is supposed to be created not far from Brest.

29 September 2004

  • To be under medical treatment and to study

    36(705) 02.09.2004 A building of the children sanatorium Lahva, located in Luninets district has changed drastically, thanks to the help of foreign charitable organizations.

  • Business circles of Brest region

    37(706) 08.09.2004 A delegation of business circles of Brest region paid a visit to Kalinigrad. The journey was organized by a Brest branch of the Belarussian Commercial-Industrial Chamber.

24 August 2004

  • The 14-th mini-football!

    №32(701) 5,08,2004 The Non-Governmental Organization "Amateur mini-football club "Amateur" announced the beginning of the campaign for participation in Brest town mini-football championship.

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