Happy smile and head-to-head communication is what they are waiting

02.05.12 Untrodden Way is a festival of special theatres from different countries, where people with disabilities act at the stage, prepare scenery, draw and make photos. 

During seven years, Brest gathers disabled from different cities and countries, and also volunteers who are ready to help them to take part in the event.
Belarusian enthusiasts from Christian confessions, pedagogic and technical universities, colleges of communication and commerce, students from secondary and vocational schools are actively involved in the Festival. The current Festival became notable for participation of young people from Hamburg.
TheDisabled and Environment”, Brest Regional Youth’s Non-Governmental Organization is an arranger of meetings in Brest, sets an example for successful dealing with disabled people.
For more information please read the Belarusian/ Russian version.
7 May 2012