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Registration number 12. The founders are the editorial staff of “Zvyazda” newspaper, and the “Belarusian Republican Youth’s Union” non-governmental organization.

8 December 2005

  • NGO "Ratavanne" helps to rescue animals

    № 41 (15388), 07.10.2005. Every day the staff of the Non-governmental organisation of animal protection "Ratavanne" (Salvation) receive phone calls from people, who wish to get a cat or a dog, to inform about a found animal. Call: (017) 258 89 80, 288 97 53, 243 08 76.

4 October 2005

  • Slavic Youth Union has been found in Vitebsk

    № 31 (15378), 05.08.2005. The Slavic Youth Union, that unites young people from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, was found on August 3, 2005. In the framework of the Union it is planned to organize joint international conferences, festivals, workshops, exhibitions, sport camps and so on.

18 August 2005

  • First Steps Towards Garden City

    ? 28 (15375), 15.07.2005. The results of the National inspection contest of the best projects of the exposition dedicated to 60th anniversary of the Great Victory and the liberation of Belarus from German fascists. The event was organised by representatives of the Committee of forestry at the Council of Ministers, National Union of Public Associations "Belarusian Committee of Youth Organisations", Belarusian Nature Protection Society, Central Botanical Gardens of the National Academy of Sciences, and Minsk City Committee of Belarusian National Youth Union. The winners of the contest were awarded with diplomas and prizes.

6 June 2005

  • The first prizes only for women

    The non-governmental organization Belarusian national youth union together with the National academy of sciences arranged a contest, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory. The young people had an opportunity to represent their projects, aimed at patriotic upbringing.

3 May 2005

  • Everybody to subbotnik!

    The national youth union organizes a thematic action aimed at celebrating the 60 anniversary of the Great Victory over the Nazi. Within the frames of the action it is planned to reconstruct some monuments, honoring the Victory.

14 March 2005

  • Lets help Anya!

    Anya Zaretskaya needs your help and support, the girl suffered from a chronical illness of kidneys (a bank account — ? 3134008531587, a code 853, a branch of the Belarus bank ? 322 in Svetlagorsk).

22 February 2005

  • In a trip by tradition

    The National non-governmental organization Belarusian association of UNESCO clubs together with the Institute of culture and the National commission on UNESCO activity in the Republic of Belarus carry out a big youth research project — Traditions of ancestors. To find more about the project please visit the web-site:

26 January 2005

  • SOS-kinderdorf craves for families

    ?2 (15349), 21.01.2005. SOS-kinderdorf in Kobrin is 10 years already. There are three such establishments in Belarus. The one, mentioned above, is owned by the state

20 January 2005

  • Upbringing of courage before the jubilee of the Great Victory

    Glybokaye regional branch of the non-governmental organization Belarusian National Youth Union launched a project called Upbringing of courage, the project consists of 18 stages and intends to organize trips to the places of bygone battles. A lot of other interesting events are planned within the project, among them photo contests and restoration works.

17 December 2004

  • A life — for dogs or some details to a family portrait

    Thanks to the efforts of only one family, 36 dogs found masters this year. The family of Yanevskiye has a lot of dogs, takes care of them and treats ill ones. But the family does not have an appropriate building for such purposes, that is why the people are under the threat to be forced to stop their activity.

15 November 2004

  • Volunteering without efforts

    The German Union invites young volunteers from the European countries to earn money and to gain new friends in Germany. The organization helps to obtain a visa, provides with tickets and pocket money.

28 October 2004

  • Cover of love and tenderness

    51(15334)15.10.2004 An exhibition of works of young artists I honor Motherland Belarus was opened in the National Childrens Centre of Creative Work, the exhibition was organized by the NGO Belarusian Womens Union.

30 September 2004

  • In velo-rhythm

    45(15328) 03.09.2004 Children, their parents and bicycle amateurs gathered on the October Square on August 28 on the occasion of the social action Velo-rhythm-2004, which was organized and carried out on the initiative of the State Auto Inspection, Alfa-radio and the NGO SOS-Kiderdorf.

24 August 2004

  • Folklore "at first hand"

    41(15324) 06.08.2004 The National Non-Governmental Organization "Belarusain Association of UNECO clubs" has realized a unique project "Ancestors' traditions". At one time, six scientific expeditions took place in five regions of the Republic of Belarus. The young people, aged from 14-16, participated in this expedition. The young girls and boys leaned the ancient traditions of the Belarusians.

22 April 2004

  • Problems after the Army?

    24(15307) 09.04.2004 Ex-servicemen are facing the problem of unemployment after having being retired. That is why the NGO Belarusian foundation of social support of ex-servicemen sees its main task in looking for vacant work places and in search for lodgings for the retired servicemen.

  • A free microphone for the Youth

    24(15307) 09.04.2004 A so-called free microphone worked within a youth forum Together to future, which was organized by the Polatsk branch of the National Youth Union. Young people had a chance to obtain qualified information on different aspects of social problems through the service. A real surprise for young girls and boys was the news that they can get a free consultation on a choice of a future profession.

17 March 2004

  • Children paint war for the sake of Peace

    17(15300) 12.03.2004 Within the frames of a charitable action Light without borders an international competition of young painters will take place in Babruisk, Mogilyov region, Belarus.

18 February 2004

  • Where is the truth to be found?

    9(962) 06.02.2004 Representatives of Mogilev Branch of NGO Belarusian Consumer Protection Society held 70 revisions of regional enterprises in 2003. According to head of the organization, every case had some violations. One of the most widespread realization of foodstuff with expired use-of date

  • We are the citizens of Belarus!

    10(15293) 13.02.2004 NGO Belarusian Youth Union arranges an action We are the citizens of Belarus: young girls and boys, for the first time in their lives getting passports, will receive them from the hands of the most outstanding and official persons of the Republic.

24 December 2003

  • Civic activities for militaries

    46(356) 12.12.2003 If a young man was involved into public activities, he has a chance to continue it in the Army at one of 15 NGOs "Belarusian National Youth Union". Internal troops of the Republic of Belarus and the Belarusian Youth Union signed a plan on mutual cooperation.

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