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4 August 2005

  • New rules for non-governmental organizations

    №55 (873), 26.07.2005. President Lukasenko signed a new edition of the Belarusian law "On Civil Associations" on July 19, 2005. This means that after the legislation comes into effect, new demands will be made of activity of Belarusian third sector. The document prescribes all non-governmental organizations and unions to submit information upon the number of their members, organizational structures and implemented events during the previous year to the registration authorities till March 1, 2006. Article 12 reads that non-governmental organizations and their grass-root structures can' t use the words "Belarus", "The Republic of Belarus", "Belarusian", "National" , "People's in their names", "if not permitted by the President of Belarus".

22 December 2003

  • Entrepreneurs unite in the regions

    (714) 16.12.03 The first conference of a new registered Mogilyov NGO of the entrepreneurs took place in Mogilyov. The NGO board counts 27 Heads of big private companies. The NGO is planning to launch a new program, which will enable consumers to obtain reductions on products of numerous Mogilyov private companies.

16 December 2003

  • Partnership-2005

    96(713) 12.12.03 The Government of the Republic of Belarus together with Republican NGOs of Employers and Trade Unions proceeded to the preparation of the General agreement 2004-2005. The draft of the project was read at the joint meeting held on the 9 of December between Belarusian Republican NGO Belarusian Scientific-Industrial Association and the assembly of a non-commercial organization Belarusian Union of Employers. The project readings lie ahead, the General agreement with the government will be concluded in the second half of January, 2004.

8 December 2003

  • Deputies think about the Future of the Republic of Belarus

    94(711) 05.12.03 A legislation On ratification of Major Directions of Belarusian home and foreign policies was offered as an alternative to that of the governments by a group of deputies Assistance in the economy development. The focal point for deputies became an economic block of the above mentioned project.

25 November 2003

  • Minsk inquiry site

    90(707) 21.11.03 Specialists of the Belarusian Republican Non-Governmental Organization Information-oriented society launched a new site in Internet Minsk-cityInfoService www.info.minsk.by, where visitors can find information about different city services.

18 November 2003

  • Business seminar in Germany

    87(704) 11.11.03 An educational center High School of Management, and an NGO "Belarusian Republican Lawyers Union arrange a business seminar on the basis of an educational center of the Academy for Governing Bodies of Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry on December 6-13, 2003. The following topics are planned within the frames of the seminar: placement of contracts, business experience exchange, cultural programme. For more information: (017) 226-12-29, 226-13-15 (fax).

14 October 2003

  • Tax-payers met in Russia

    80(697) 14.10.03 An international conference of tax-payers took place in St-Petersburg and gathered 120 participants from 34 countries. Belarus was presented by the Public Association "Belarusian Union of Tax Payers". The problems of protection of interests and rendering of services to tax-payers were discussed at the conference. The conference was organized by the International Association of Tax-payers and by the Russian Society of Tax-payers, under support of the Konrad Adenauer World Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

26 September 2003

  • For farmers

    70(687) 12.09.03 Info line (017) 276-01-90 or 282-04-34) on questions of rural business undertakings will work in Minsk in December. The arrangement is planned within a joint project, implemented by the Belarusian Government together with UN Development Programme Stirring up of business through development of partnership and a private sector.

14 July 2003

  • Kiosk life has been prolonged. Or has their dearth been hastened?..

    51(668) 08.07.03 According to the leader of a Non-Governmental Organisation "Perspective", Anatoli Shumchenko, the organization is going to struggle for complete cessation of the attempts, aimed at liquidation of kiosks in Minsk. Till 1 August the city government together with businessmen will work out a plan of reconstruction, which will be coordinated with regional administrations.

20 June 2003

  • Businessmen against illegality

    45(662) 17.06.03 NGO Perspective together with the Human Rights Centre organized a round-table discussion on the questions of legislation in business.

3 June 2003

  • A good attitude towards people is more important than credits

    39-40(656-657) 30.05.03 Genadi Navitski made an announcement that the World Bank is going to supply in the nearest future with grants 21 social projects, which had been worked out by representatives of NGOs within the frames of the Innovation Ideas Forum. A whole sum of the grants is $350,000.

26 March 2003

  • Are we waiting for foreign tourists' pilgrimage?

    16(633) 04.03.2003 The government affirmed the concept of creation of Culture-Historical Zone "Nesviz-Mir". The project is one of the prior collaboration directions of Belarus and UNESCO, which were foreseen by the collaboration memorandum, signed by the UNESCO General Director during his visit in Belarus in July, 2002. Realization of the concept will attract those people to Mir and Nesviz, who are interested in the history and culture of Belarus.

18 March 2003

  • The formula of integration: "2+2" or "1+3"?

    14(631) 25.02.2003 On the 23 of February the Presidents of Russia, Belarus, the Ukrain and Kazakhstan signed a joint declaration on preparing the formation of common economy space . The agreement on its formation, coordinated economy policy in a number of cases, harmonization of the present legislation and arrangement of the common independent interstate commission on trade and taxes should be ready by September, 2003. A final goal is the creation of a Regional Integration Organization.

  • Decree ?4 repeal

    14(631) 25.02.2003 A meeting of the deputies' groups representatives "Assistance in Economic Development" and "Republic" with individual businessmen took place at the lower chamber of the National Assembly. The initiator of the meeting was the organizational committee of the NGO "Perspective". 39 businessmen from different regions of Belarus came to the meeting.

  • Business at the land of tulips

    13(630) 21.02.2003 The Netherlands is one of the most perspective economy partners for Belarus. Active mutual connection development and usage of some new forms of collaboration let belarusian exporters strengthen their positions on the dutch market, increasing volume of belarusian deliveries in this country is the main evidence of this fact.