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16 December 2005

  • UNO's exhibitions

    № 18 (46/4333). Two exhibitions devoted to the 60 th anniversary of the United Nations Organisations were held at the premises of Belarusian National Library. The exhibition "UNO is 60 years: historic trip" offered its visitors a review of photos of UNO Photo Library. The exhibition "United Nations Organisations in modern world" displayed more than a hundred documents of National Library in Belarusian, Russian and English.

28 November 2005

  • The youth determines priorities

    № 40/4327, 07.10.2005. At the end of September the largest youth organization in the country gathered its members. The 39th congress of Belarusian Youth Union was held in the Palace of the Republic. Nowadays the Union consists of 307 000 members. The main goals of the organisation are assistance to people to adapt in new collectives, promotion of stability and peace in the society, assistance to chiefs of universities and enterprises in managing collectives.

1 September 2005

  • Kalinigrad Association of Belarusians celebrates its 5th anniversary

    ? 31/4318, 05.08.2005. Belarusian National-Cultural Association (Kalinigrad) celebrates its first anniversary some day soon. The Association is one of the biggest NGOs in the Western part of Russia. One of the main goals of the organisation is to provide the local inhabitants with reliable information about Belarus.

4 August 2005

  • They fly like butterflies towards flame...

    № 29/4316, 22.07.2005. Non-governmental organization "Business Women Club" (Brest) provides victims of trafficking with law consultations and medical help and assists them in getting education as well.

18 May 2005

  • Together with IQ

    The plans of the Polish institute in Minsk embrace different fields of culture, art and science for next three months. The institute together with other belarusian educational establishments prepares new publications, devoted to polish history, literature and philosophy.

12 April 2005

  • Unusual exhibition

    An exhibition of ceramics takes place in Mogilyov. One of the organizers of the event is the non-governmental organization Circle of friends.

11 March 2005

  • The science as means of emancipation

    The Nobel Prize laureate, Cristine Newslien-Folhard founded for women-scientists, having children, a foundation of support, which will supply the highly qualified women-specialists with donations to make it possible to have a baby-sitter. In this way the foundation aims to attract more women into science.

15 February 2005

  • Within the frames of cooperation

    The UNDP office in Belarus publishes UN bulletin in Belarus, which is aimed at information about UN activity on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. One of such UN projects is A family for every child, which is carried out by the non-governmental organization Belarusian association of support to the disabled children and young invalids from the belarusian side, and from the english side by an English international society and charitable organization Leaves of hope for Belarusian children.

19 January 2005

  • They smile nevertheless!

    Non-governmental organization Children in trouble unites ill children and their families. The organization arranges different events and arrangements for them.

13 December 2004

  • Language and socium

    49/4284, 10.12.2004. An international scientific conference "Language and socium" took place at the philological faculty of Belarusian State University. More than 260 scientist from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Poland took part in the event.

  • Creative traditions

    №49/4284, 10.12.2004 An exhibition of arts and crafts "Creative traditions of the people with impaired vision", dedicate to the 80th anniversary of the non-governmental organization "Belarusian association of the people with impaired vision" took place in the central scientific library.

9 November 2004

20 October 2004

  • My motherland

    39(4276)01.10.2004 There is an exhibition of works of a member of the Belarusian Artists Union, Rygor Shaura in the art gallery University of Culture. Shaury has been working at the university since 1977, combining pedagogical, scientific and creative activities.

8 September 2004

27 August 2004

  • Inspiration inspires

    The NGO "Inspiration" has been functioning for ten years already. It has as its members famous and outstanding writers, the organization unites local authors and organizers meetings of the above-mentioned with ordinary people. On the initiative of the organization, local boys and girls had a meeting with authors Mihas Karpechanka, Uladzimir Serykau and Mihas Radousky.

23 August 2004

  • What's in a school bag?

    27(4264)02.07.2004 A charitable action "Prepare a school bag" was launched in Gomel region.

  • A literary festival unites children

    27(4264) 002.07.2004 A literary festival, held recently, had a very big resonance, as a result of which, the Russian Literary Union decided to hold such festivals annually.

  • At Minsk Writers' organization

    29(4266) 16.07.2004 The article is about the results of a meeting of the executive committee of Minsk writers' union.

13 April 2004

  • Affiliated to the Union of Belarusian Writers

    14(4251) 02.04.2004 The article contains information on new members of the Union of Belarusian Writers.

  • Children are writing to the God

    14(4251) 02.04.2004 A branch of the International Association of Writers and Journalists announces a competition Children are writing to the God, children of preschool and school age can apply for participation.

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