Charitable organizations of Belarus will unite their efforts to help people in need

№18 (5684) 28.01.2012  What should be done for people to understand the importance of charity and their role in it? Each thousand roubles is needed for those who hope to overcome his/her disease and get back to normal life. The participants of the round table held in Minsk within the Mercy Week tried to find an answer to this complicated question.   

Many diseases can be cured without leaving abroad. But there is no necessary equipment in this country. If we raise money for purchase of such equipment, which will help to avoid expensive surgery done abroad, all of us will benefit from it, - said Evgeny Ukraintsev, chairman of the Children in Need, Belarusian Republican Non-Governmental Organization.
We also can follow the example of our colleagues from other countries, where charitable foundations help the doctors to study abroad. If we train our own specialists, there will be no necessity to get advice of foreign doctors. All this together – the equipment and qualified medical workers – is a key to solution of many problems.
The arranger of the event Larisa Ivashkevich, chair of the Touch to one’s Life, Charitable Foundation, submitted a proposal that the charitable organizations should be united to an organic whole.
31 January 2012