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21 August 2009

  • Winds of Change Blow in Dunayevo

    №155(5070) 19.08.09 Volunteers’ camp took place in Dunayevo village Kopyl district Minsk region, from July 19 to August 19, 2009

14 August 2009

  • A new approach to improving health of disabled people will appear in Belarus

    №151(5066) 13.08.09 Application of advanced medical technologies and reduction of industrial injuries enabled to decrease the number of people with restricted capacities. Within five months of this year alone, their number decreased by two thousands. Nevertheless, in spite of positive changes, more than 507 thousand disabled people (practically, every twentieth citizen of this country) are on the records of the bodies of labour, employment, and social welfare

13 August 2009

  • A Stork on the Balcony

    №149(5064)11.08.09 The bird has settled on a high-rise building in the centre of Grodno, inform ornithologist from the local department of APB-BirdLife Belarus, Non-Governmental Organisation

12 August 2009

  • In the Same Team

    Which topics were discussed by the ecologists at the forum of environmental non-governmental organizations

10 July 2009

26 June 2009

  • The Newborns will Receive Gifts

    №115(5030) 23.06.09 “White Russia” – with Love of Children” republican-level event is timed to celebration of the Independence Day of Belarus

25 May 2009

  • “The Terrible” against “Mamai”

    №93(5008) 22.05.09 “Tsar”, the Belarusian Christmas ceremony, which has emerged in village Semezhava as early as the XVIII century, will pretend to inclusion into the UNESCO World Heritage List

13 May 2009

  • “Belarus is our home”

    №85 (5000) 12.05.09 A unique republican-level event, wherein workers from Vatra” Belarusian Non-Governmental Organization of Ukrainians the Association of Koreans Residing in Belarus took part, was held in Ozertso village Minsk region

25 March 2009

  • Open your doors, people

    №54(4969) 24.03.09 “Open Doors”, the first hostel for young disabled people, was opened in Minsk.

14 March 2009

  • Agro-Tourism will Develop

    №48(4963) 14.03.09 The concept of agro-eco-tourism development is elaborated in Grodno region, where as many as 102 farmsteads have been created.

2 March 2009

  • Spring is in Fashion

    №37(4952) 27.02.09 Belarusian participants won the IV international Olympic Competitions in hairdresser’s/barbers’ art, nail-design, and decorative cosmetics. It was for the first time that the Belarusian team won the first place in the “Neva Banks” international beauty festival (St. Petersburg) and brought the Grand Prix to their motherland.

26 September 2008

  • Ice-Hockey Festival Completed in Belarus

    № 163(4831), 2.09.2008 Festival devoted to the 100th anniversary of the International Ice Hockey Federation and timed to the Health Year in this country, has become an evidence of our citizens love to this kind of sports.

  • International Observers Arrived at Belarus

    №142(4810), 2.08.2008 According to Lidia Ermoshina, Chairperson of the Central Commission for Elections and Republican Referendums, more than ten members of CIS mission have been working in Belarus. OSCE long-term observers will arrive early in August.

1 September 2008

  • Social Work for Everyone

    № 225 (4640), 17.11.2007. Elementary Rehabilitation of Disabled People with Impaired Sight — the project submitted by BelTIZ regional organization was declared the best at the fifth international social projects fair titled Through Partnership to Social Welfare and Sustainable Development held in Brest.

10 April 2008

  • Friendship fastened with strength of word

    № 13(4681). 23.01.2008. In February — March, the students of schools, lyceums and g№mnasia will be able to participate in the youth epostolary contest. It will be held within the 37-th International Youth Epistolary Contest 2008 arranged under the aegis of the Universal Postal Union's International Bureay and UNESCO.

  • Efforts aimed at joining the World Trade Organization continue

    № 12(4680).22.01.2008. By the present time Belarus have signed the WTO Joining Protocols with ten of twenty countries, declares Anton Kudasov, the Head of the Foreign-Trade Policy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2 December 2005

  • Belarus is my song

    № 242 (4060), 20.10.2005. The people of Samara Region of Russian Federation will get to know more about Belarussian culture. On October 26-28 the regional organisation of Belarusians "Russian-Belarusian Brotherhood" is organising an art festival "Belarus is my song" in this Russian region.

28 October 2005

  • Belarusian youth help

    № 209 (4027), 10.09.2005. Belarusian Republican Youth Union has launched a campaign of raising humanitarian aid for the people of USA, who suffered from Katrina hurricane, reported the first secretary of Central Commitee Mikhail Orda.

  • There are some women in our country...

    № 213-214 (4031 4032), 16.09.2005. A representative of Belarus has won a competition among women at the IVth Poland National Haymaking Championship. Natalia Porechina participated in the championship as a team-member of non-governmental organisation "APB Birdlife Belarus".

15 September 2005

  • Play like Backham

    № 191-192 (4009-4010), 23.08.2005. International children and youth football festival was organised by British charitable organisation "Samaritan's purse" in Svetlagorsk. The event was held under support of football clubs of English premier league "Liverpool" and "Newcastle".

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