2 December 2005

  • Belarus is my song

    № 242 (4060), 20.10.2005. The people of Samara Region of Russian Federation will get to know more about Belarussian culture. On October 26-28 the regional organisation of Belarusians "Russian-Belarusian Brotherhood" is organising an art festival "Belarus is my song" in this Russian region.

28 October 2005

  • Belarusian youth help

    № 209 (4027), 10.09.2005. Belarusian Republican Youth Union has launched a campaign of raising humanitarian aid for the people of USA, who suffered from Katrina hurricane, reported the first secretary of Central Commitee Mikhail Orda.

  • There are some women in our country...

    № 213-214 (4031 4032), 16.09.2005. A representative of Belarus has won a competition among women at the IVth Poland National Haymaking Championship. Natalia Porechina participated in the championship as a team-member of non-governmental organisation "APB Birdlife Belarus".

15 September 2005

  • Play like Backham

    № 191-192 (4009-4010), 23.08.2005. International children and youth football festival was organised by British charitable organisation "Samaritan's purse" in Svetlagorsk. The event was held under support of football clubs of English premier league "Liverpool" and "Newcastle".

4 August 2005

  • It is behind "the fog" too

    № 163-164 (3981-3982), 22.07.2005. This year Belarusian National Youth Union has formed 468 students' teams and 160 volunteer teams. BNYU has helped to find individual jobs to 1200 young people as well.

6 June 2005

  • Lessons of Italian

    № 115(3933), 25.05.2005 The official governmental delegation paid a visit to Minsk within the frames of one joined project of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and an Italian charitable association Citizens of the World.

  • Children paint

    № 115 (3933), 25.05.2005 The seventh national contest of children creativity Savers with childrens eyes takes place this week in Minsk under the aegis of the Belarusian youth non-governmental organization of fire-savers.

18 May 2005

  • Magic of flowers

    № 100-101 (3918-3919), 06.05.2005. A contest of florists Spring 2005 summed up its results.

  • The most expensive present

    The committee of youth organizations arranged an action A present to veterans dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory.

20 April 2005

  • Bekhem did not even dream that

    №87 (3905) 20.04.2005. The Belarusian sports society Dinamo celebrated its 82nd anniversary with housewarming of a famous children school of Olympic football reserve.

19 April 2005

  • From Ireland with love

    № 81-82 (3899-3800), 14.04.2005. The Irish social-humanitarian organization The project to the children of Chernobyl sends humanitarian aid to Belarus.

12 April 2005

  • Not boring about the health

    An action Womans health health of the nation starts in Minsk. The event is organized by the International charitable organization Hope-express.

18 March 2005

  • Not indifferent hearts

    № 52-53 (3870-3871), 11.03.2005 There are more than 50 000 of homeless cats and dogs in the Republic of Belarus.

  • Chernobyl way-2005 has started

    A traditional already Chernobyl way a way to life will be held from 15.03.2005 till 06.04.2005.

14 March 2005

  • In alliance with knowledge

    № 48-49 (3866-3667), 04.03.2005 Mogilyov non-governmental organization Doctors union started realization of its new project aimed to form a safety behavior of Mogilyov population, living on the polluted territory.

  • Look at sport afresh

    № 47 (3865), 03.03.2005. An international photo-contest Sport for peace and development continues in the Republic of Belarus. The contest was founded by the UNDP and the National non-governmental organization Photo art.

15 February 2005

  • Friends discover themselves in troubles

    №30-31 (3848-3849), 11.02.2005 The Irish charitable organization Project for the Chernobyl children will continue to support the suffered in the regions polluted after the Chernobyl catastrophe.

9 February 2005

  • A booklet will help you in trouble

    ? 28 (3846), 08.02.2005 The polish consulate in Minsk will present an informational booklet of the La strada program to the women going to visit Poland. The head of the non-governmental organization "Belarusian association of young Christian women", the national coordinator of the La strada program Irina Alhovka informed that it is planned to present such booklets to all belarusian citizens, who are going to travel abroad.

  • Scholarships from the Peace foundation

    № 24 (3842), 03.02.2005. The best students of Grodno region were awarded with scholarships, set up by a regional branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation.

19 January 2005

  • To protect people against nature disasters

    №10 (3828), 15.01.2005. According to the results of the survey carried out by the United Nations Organization, more than 3 mld of people may suffer in the results of nature cataclysms.

14 January 2005

  • Youth — in broadcasting!

    №7 (3825), 13.01.2004. Once a month young voices appear in Molodechno broadcast in the project "Voice of the young". The project attracts not only the youth but also regional authorities, town executive committee broadcasts a range of programs, devoted to state ideology, within the frames of this project.

12 January 2005

  • A "Christmas tree" has a jubilee!

    №5 (3823), 11.01.2005 A charitable action "Christmas tree" is 10 years old in 2005. During these years the program became one of the most popular and famous. It is, in a way, a spiritual rehabilitation for children and the youth, living in the regions, suffered after the Chernobyl catastrophe.

11 January 2005

  • Women's councils took care

    05.01.2005.2(3820) By tradition a non-governmental organization "Belarusian women's union" held an event "Our children". Women's councils in the regions congratulated children with a New Year.

  • Christmas miracle

    06.01.2005.3-4 (3821 — 3822) On the Christmas Eve a Belarusian Children's Foundation arranged a meeting of an american cardio surgeon, William Novik with his ex-patients.