16 November 2011

  • Domestic Harmony Home

    №217 (5632) 15.11.11 The Home was created by the “Family for the Child” Charitable Foundation established on the premises of BelSvyazEnergoSberezheniye Holding, and also by the Federation of Italian Voluntary Associations, International Program for Development of Orphanages – Irish Charitable Foundation, and the Brest Regional Executive Committee.

18 October 2011

  • Mistresses of their fates

    №198(5613) of 15.10.2011. Three thousand of women from different regions of Belarus united in “Selchanka” Organization and make plans according to their wishes

4 October 2011

  • Back to Colours of Life

    №189 (5604) of 01.10.2011 Joint Belarusian–Russian project of disabled people rehabilitation through sport dance is implemented in CIS

23 May 2011

  • To preserve the Invisible

    №93(5508) 21.05.11 In the Belarusian capital city, the experts from different countries discuss the issue of preservation of intangible cultural heritage

19 May 2011

  • To spend life in peace

    №91(5506)19.05.11 The Belarusian Women’s Union intends to restore the festive week, celebrated in the old days in Slavonic lands and devoted to St. Myrrhbearers

5 May 2011

27 April 2011

  • A mother is wanted

    №76(5491)23.04.11 Why is it so difficult to find a person who wishes to deal with children in SOS villages?

14 March 2011

  • People for People

    №46(5461) 12.03.11 “Memory – Union of Families of Perished, Dead, Disabled at Wars” Charitable Non-Governmental Organization for Volkovysk District, established by the volunteers from Belarusian town of Volkovysk, helps thousands of people to withstand the test of fate