Health of Women means Health of the Nation

№ 81(5496) 30.04.11  On April 26, the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster, the population of Lopatichy rural council got a unique opportunity to be examined by the skilled doctors from Minsk – endocrinologist, breast physician, gynaecologist. 

Also, according to Regina Davidovich, vice-chairwoman of Belarusian Women’s Union, chairwoman of “Selchanka” Association, the activists visited the local family-type children homes and orphanages and gave the presents to their inmates.
“Health of Women means Health of the Nation” is not the only one charitable campaign arranged by the Belarusian Women’s Union. “Not a Single Abandoned Child in Belarus” campaign was carried out during the past five-year period, initiated by Nadezhda Ermakova at the III All-Belarusian Assembly.
5 May 2011