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23 August 2004

  • Climate is to be legitimated

    144-145(3681-3682)09.07.2004. The specialists of the Ministry of the Nature Resources began work on a draft of a future Law "On climate". Such law is a cause of necessity of agricultural adaptation to the process of global warming.

  • "Round lake-2004"

    144-145(3681-3682)09.07.2004 A Youth Ecological Festival "Round Lake-2004" will be held on July 11-21 in Minsk region. The event is organized be the NGO "Different-Equal".

  • The rate of infant mortality drops

    146(3683)13.07.2004 According to the results of the researches, carried out by the UN experts, children, born this year will be more lucky and successful than those, born ten years ago. Entrepreneur — is the forth and support for the State146(3683)13.07.2004 A discussion with Vladimir Karyagin will be held on July 27.

13 April 2004

  • The Ministry of Culture has announced a call for proposals for shooting scripts

    ?74 (3610) 8.04.2004 Directors of puppet shows and drama theatres are invited to participate in this call for proposals, announced by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus. The deadline for applications is May 29, 2004. The main prize for a winner will be a state order for staging. The event is aimed to support young talented people in their experimental theatrical searches.

5 March 2004

  • How to protect a consumer

    47(3583) 02.03.2004 NGO Belarusian Consumers Protection Society provides its customers with qualified consultations on questions of their rights protection. Feel free to contact the NGO by telephone (+017) 268-26-78, 268-28-28, 268-26-76).

  • To Poland with a suggestion

    47(3583) 02.03.2004 Gomel official representatives departed to Poland yesterday. The visit was planned within the report on co-operation with Lodzy Chamber of Commerce and Industry , signed in January. The main purpose of the visit is to deepen and to broaden the contacts between two regions.

16 February 2004

  • Frontier post — to arms

    23(3559) 03.02.2004. 1475 boarder signs appeared on the Belarusian-Lithuanian boarder in 2003 (financial support belarusian national budget and TASIC Program).

27 January 2004

  • Non-Stop Creativity

    11(3547) 17.01.2004 About 100 educational, social, ecological and cultural projects have been implemented by members of the NGO "Next Stop — New Life" for 15 years of its activities. For this period of time thousands of young Belarusians and their foreign friends have participated in international exchange programmes, conferencies, seminars, theatre and music caravans, creative workshops and festivals.

19 January 2004

  • Green lights to the Beginners

    7(3543) 14.01.2004 On the Belarusian National Youth Unions initiative 6 new clubs of youth patriotic upbringing will appear in Minsk. There are already three such structures in the capital. The clubs are supposed to bring up young people to be real citizens of their own country.

12 January 2004

  • Charitable dinners you're welcome

    2(3538) 06.01.2004 Approximately 17,2 thousands of free dinners were distributed by volunteers of a charitable foundation Food for life in 2003. Such dinners became one of the elements of those programmes, aimed to support socially unprotected people and to propagandize a healthy life-style. The foundation has already been functioning for one and a half year, one of the main objectives of the foundation is to propagandize a healthy life-style through spreading of vegetarianism.

18 December 2003

  • Intercultural dialogue

    275(3522) 10.12.03 Scientists of different specialities from all over the world will gather today in the Frantsysk Skaryna National Scientific-Educational Centre in order to participate in the International Educational-Practical Conference Intercultural dialogue in Belarus: national-cultural and intellectual development in the circumstances of globalization. The organizers aim to make an expertise of the modern belarusian society.

25 November 2003

  • Learn to live with diabetes

    263(3510) 22.11.03 An NGO "Belarusian Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization "Children diabetes" became a member of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Today IDF numbers more than 180 NGOs in 140 countries. According to Valentin Ocheretenko, there are 190 mln. of people suffering from diabetes in the World. As predicted, this number could make 300 mln. by 2025. One of the main IDF goals to raise a level of mass awareness about diabetes, to attract public attention to this problem, which is actual in every country of the world.

22 October 2003

  • 30 Belarusian Youth Organizations unite

    239(3486) 22.10.03 An assembly on creation of a National Union of NGOs National Committee of Youth Organisations will take place in Minsk on October 24, 2003. Delegates from 30 belarusian NGOs will participate in the assembly. It is planned to form the charter of the future organization. The National Committee will unite organizations of a republican level, such as: Non-Governmental Organisation "Belarusian National Youth Union", Public Association "Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organisation", Public Association "Belarusian League of Intellectual Teams" and others.

15 October 2003

  • Love, protection and care are needed

    232(3479) 11.10.03 So called Mothers Week will start on October 13 in Belarus. The arrangements within the Week are aimed at enhancing the prestige of maternity, a social status of the family, strengthening of its positions. According to Head of the Public Organisation "Belarusian Women's Union", Nadzeya Yermakova, the main goal of the Week is not only to honor Belarusian mothers, but also to solve the problems, they are dealing with.

6 October 2003

  • Autumn of life

    223(3470) 01.10.03 On October 1 Belarus celebrated the International Day of Elderly People. There are more than 540.000 of elderly and disabled people in Belarus, more than 100.000 of them are lonely. 115 centers of social services, Red Cross Societies and Employment Services render assistance to veterans, disabled and elderly people.

12 September 2003

  • Bonn Days in Minsk

    202(3449) 06.09.03 A range of cultural and educational german-belarusian projects will be held in Minsk in September. The arrangements are commemorated to the tenth anniversary of partnership between Minsk and Bonn and to the tenth Goethe-Institut Minsk activity anniversary.

  • "Motorshou-Ekzotika" in Minsk

    204-205(3451-3452) 10.09.03 An exhibition of original and rare auto models «Motorshou-Ekzotika» will be held on 13-14 September in Minsk. The arrangement is organized by «ReMark» company under support of the Belarusian Automobile Association. Such exhibitions unite privet collectors, automobile clubs, museums and NGOs. Winners of the exhibition-contest will get prizes.

2 September 2003

  • Rakov has got a university

    183(3430) 13.08.03 A summer university of UNESCO clubs will work in Rakov summer camp. "Students" of this unusual university will be representatives of more than 40 belarusian clubs and their guests from Russia, Romania and Latvia.

29 July 2003

  • Belarus the literacy leader

    166(3413) 24.07.03 Literacy index in Belarus is the highest among others those of  Newly Independent States. According to UNDP Resident Neil Buhne, Belarus has reached one from the eight UN development goals general initial education.

18 July 2003

  • European woodlands

    159(3406) 16.07.03 On initiative of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences and Commonwealth States Investment Committee an International Ecological Foundation European woodlands has been established. Its mission is project development and realization in the area of complex utilization and recycling of nature resources, introduction of new nature protection technologies, investment attraction, aimed at maintenance and development of the region.

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