A mother is wanted

№ 76(5491) 23.04.11  Eleven modern well-equipped houses, which are ready to accept 77 children, are waiting for adults who will give the boys and girls what the fate has taken away: a family, care, trust in people. 

At present, three children villages destined for 13 – 14 families, from 7 to 8 children in each, exist in Belarus. Only the village located in Maryina Gorka is fully staffed with social mothers. But there are vacancies in the villages near Borovliany and in Mogilev. The reason is the absence of those who wish to become social parents.
According to Andrey Marach, staff manager of the SOS-Children’s Village Belarusian Fund, Non-Governmental Organization, unmarried women at the age from 28 to 45. A decision to devote oneself to work in a children’s village requires certain courage, love and wish to help. Not everyone is capable of such act. So, strong person specifications is imposed on the office seekers.
The seekers shall have a university degree or a secondary special education and great erudition. Such people undergo special training (theoretical and practical) during a year, then a special commission decides who is eligible. 

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27 April 2011