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№189 (5604) of 01.10.2011 Joint Belarusian–Russian project of disabled people rehabilitation through sport dance is implemented in CIS. 

The joint Belarusian–Russian program of teaching dance to disabled people in wheelchaits has been implemented in Kolodistchy (Minsk district) has been implemented since 2003. More than 3 thousand young people have taken part in this program since then, a thousand and a half of them are the Russians. Valery Kolomiets, chairman of the “Belarusian Fund for Help to Disabled Sportsmen Non-Governmental Organization” was the project arranger. According to him, this Belarusian–Russian project is so important, that its experience should be extended throughout CIS member-states as a minimum. By today, the dreams of the Merited Coach of Belarus have come true: participants from Kazakhstan joined the Belarusians and Russians.
For more information please see the Belarusian/ Russian version.
4 October 2011