Fashion to be a Volunteer

№10 (5173) 21.01.10 As early as 15 years ago, the world “volunteer” sounded aurally unusual for the Belarusians, it wounded the ear, - says Olga Shmigelskaya, head of the “Voluntary Labour League” Youth Non-Governmental Organization. Today the situation is different: more and more people join voluntary movement every other day. 

Who is a volunteer? He is a person who works of his own free will, no one forces him: neither his parents nor the state. And he works free of charge.
Recently, the Republican Volunteer Centre has been established on the premises of the above organization. The initiative was supported by the Ministry of Education of Belarus. One of the lines of activities is to launch and maintain the Centre’s web-resource which will contain legal, methodological, reference, informational materials. Web-site launching is scheduled for the end of 2010.
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21 January 2010