Not a sound is heard…

№214(5129).11.11.09 Do you often “hear” the hand-language in public places, or will the cinemas for people with impaired hearing appear in this?

The updated law of social welfare of disabled people constituted half a month ago promises the Belarusians, who suffer from hearing disorders, all conditions for decent life: they will be able to watch TV news, go to the cinema to see the captioned film, to communicate at shopping. So, the hand-language has been officially given a status of “a means of interpersonal communication”, and gesture-translation has been declared an integral component of the rights of deaf people to “information support”. All these is state on paper, but what is in reality?
Anatoly Nikitin, vice chairman of the Belarusian Society of People with Impaired Hearing, knows the problems of deaf people to the limit. He has lost hearing at the age of 16, but is able to speak. It appeared to be a great advantage, at least, Anatoly is able to defend the rights of the deaf in Belarus. In his opinion, it is impossible to discuss any other rights, if the deaf people may not exercise their linguistic rights.
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13 November 2009