Dou You Have “Green Questions”? So Ask!

№155(5070) 19.08.09 All enterprises, even the smallest ones, sometimes confront with the requirements of environmental regulations, as it is inevitable that wastes (at least, spoilt sheets and fluorescent lightings) are generated in the course of their operation. How to provide for everything in due time? Practicing ecologists will be rendered free legal advice till the end of August. 

“We want to inform the small and medium-size businesses on main requirements of environmental regulations and help them to solve any arising problems”, - said Oxana Ryzhkovskaya, the expert of the working group of “ABC of Entrepreneurship” Youth’s NGO and director of “EcoConsult” project implemented under financial support of “ISAR, Inc” non-profit company in the Republic of Belarus.
As a rule, large enterprises have their own experts. But small companies often think of environmental issues when the inspector is on the doorstep. Also, individuals may apply. All questions shall be sent to e-mail address of ABC of Entrepreneurship or by fax 210-18-80 (for subscriber 500/25). The request shall contain the question, name of the company, name and initials of a person who asks a question, position, contact telephone and e-mail address. It is expected that after completion of the project all answers will be grouped by the subjects (water, air, etc.). The same information will be recorded on electronic media and distributed free of charge to interested parties.
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22 August 2009