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10 May 2012

  • The Saxon Memorials helped

    № 83 (5498) 08.05.12. During 10 years of the combined Belarusian and German study of archival documents related to the II World War period, the kindred of more than 15 thousand of the Belarusians get to know about the fate of their relatives.

19 April 2012

  • Conservation is mandatory

    № 73 (5488) 18.04.12. More than 390 billion roubles will be spent in 2012 in Belarus for restoration of 13 historical monuments.

17 April 2012

  • The orphanage is closed. Each and all left for families

    Belarus has achieved certain success in closing the orphanages, in which process both government and NGOs have a concern. Belarusian Office of «Hope and Homes for Children» Charitable Non-Governmental Organization gives examples of successful implementation of projects in this field.

11 April 2012

  • The Bell of Buchenwald

    № 68 (5483)11.04.12. “Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation” Belarusian Republican Foundation completed paying compensations to the former prisoners of fascist concentration camps or their assignees in 2007.

21 February 2012

28 January 2012

  • In Honour of Courage

    № 16 (5431) 26.01.12 Any dweller of Gomel and any institutions and organization of this regional center may participate in the review competition, arranged by the Belarusian Officers’ Union, Belarusian Union of Afghan War Veterans regional non-governmental organizations, and also by the Regional Museum of Military Glory.

26 November 2011

  • In spite of all obstacles

    № 225 (5388)24.11.11 In coming days Belarusian Federation of Shatakan Karate-Do, Republican Non-Governmental Organization will celebrate its 20th anniversary

7 September 2011

1 September 2011

30 August 2011

  • Study by the rules

    № 164 (5327)30.08.11 Voluntary group activists from the Gomel Regional Department of the Belarusian Peace Foundation suggested that the first graders should study by rules

29 August 2011

  • The New Guide

    № 159 (5322)23.08.11 Belarusian Society of Visually Impaired Persons believes that technical devices can be a substitute for guide-dogs

4 July 2011

  • Open Summer

    № 123 (5286) 02.07.11 The Castle of Nesvizh has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. That is why the representatives from this organization are frequent visitors at this place

28 June 2011

  • Leave in security – be handy with the needle

    № 119 (5282) An atelier, which staff consists of refugees from Afghanistan, opened in Minsk. The company has been created on the premises of the “Afghan Community” International Charitable Non-Governmental Organization

25 April 2011

  • Easter cake is the staff of life

    № 76 (5239)23.04.11. Easter cakes from across Belarus are exposed at the Youth Festival in Minsk. It will be held in the “House of Moscow” Cultural and Business Center

29 March 2011

23 March 2011

  • Little children of Khatyn are with us

    №51(5214) 19.03.11 Belarusian Peace Fund public association has started the implementation of “Improvement of Status of Escaped Villagers of Burnt Belarusian Villages” international project

9 December 2010

  • With the Gift and the Concert

    № 235 (5147) 08.12.10. The workers of the “Belarusian Voluntary Fire Fighter Society” Republican Government-Owned Non-Governmental Organization arranged a charitable event in the Logoisk old people’s and disabled people’s Home

6 December 2010

  • Shelter for Old People

    № 233 (5145) 04.12.10 The shelter for old people and people with disabilities was opened in Vitebsk region. This is the eighteens twenty-four-hour stay department for such category of people opened in the region.

22 November 2010

  • High Level of Rehabilitation

    № 221 (5133) 18.11.10 The state of being relevant in the community is mostly important for people with impaired vision

5 November 2010

  • How to Oppose to Human Trafficking

    № 211 (5123) 04.11.10 As the Interior Ministry of Belarus declares, opposing to human trafficking is among the priority directions of activities of the bodies of internal affairs

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