The orphanage is closed. Each and all left for families

№ 71 (5486) 14.04.12. The number of orphanages reduced by five  in 2011. In some western countries orphanages have ceased to exist as a phenomenon, and all orphans are brought up in families. In 2008 in Belarus a decision was made at the highest level, on optimization of the children’s residential network. Since then, 23 orphanages were closed, 9 more were reorganized. The process of de-institutionalization is at full speed. 

Belarus has achieved certain success in closing the orphanages, in which process both government and NGOs have a concern. Belarusian Office of «Hope and Homes for Children» Charitable Non-Governmental Organizationgives examples of successful implementation of projects in this field. Its model of closing, recognized by WHO and UNICEF as the best world practice, was tested in two orphanages in Grodno region.
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17 April 2012