The Saxon Memorials helped

№ 83 (5498) 08.05.12. During 10 years of the combined Belarusian and German study of archival documents related to the II World War period, the kindred of more than 15 thousand of the Belarusians get to know about the fate of their relatives. 

Recently, Alexander Kharitonov, representative of the Centre of Documentation under “The Saxon Memorial” German Organization from Dresden has visited Belarus.
According to him, the joint German – Belarusian conference was held in Dresden in 1996, on the issued of burial places of the Red Army soldiers in the territory of GDR.
Practical implementation of the research project “Soviet and German prisoners of war and the internees” started in 2000, first with the Russians. The Saxon Memorial in Commemoration of the Victims of Political Terror took part in the project from the German part. Later, the Committee of National Security joined to this project.
Carrying out of the international-level research enabled to thoroughly process and study 25 thousand of captured German cards. Owing to work of the scientists, fate of more than 15 thousand of natives of Belarus, many of them were considered missing, was made clear.
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10 May 2012