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25 November 2011

16 July 2011

  • The Kind City

    №131 (23773)14.07.11 Recently, Brest has joined the Child-Friendly City UNICEF initiative.

15 June 2011

  • People were murdered there

    №109 (23751) 14.06.11 A funereal meeting in memory of the Austrian Jews deported to Minsk and murdered in ghetto was arranged last Sunday in Minsk

6 April 2011

  • A book as people’s conscience

    №63 (23705) 06.04.11 Historical atelier in Minsk is a Belarusian and German project successfully implemented since 2003. It was arranged by the Dortmund International Educational Center, the J. Rau Minsk International Educational Center, the Union of Belarusian Jewish Non-Governmental Organizations and Communities.

19 July 2010

  • Each and all are dancing

    №131 (23522) 15.07.10 A special dance-recreational center of the Belarusian Foundation for Help to Sportsmen is located in Kolodistchy near Minsk, where the joint Belarusian – Russian project “Social Rehabilitation of Disabled People through Dancing, Can-do Labour and Communion with Nature” is implemented

24 March 2010

  • The Tender for a Farther Announced

    №53 (23444) 24.03.10 The Fathers’ Schools opened under the aegis of the Minsk City Center of Social Services of Families and Children have their first 25 graduates.

9 March 2010

  • Our Style

    Successful action of the Belarusian combined team at the European hairdressers’ art championship

27 November 2009

24 November 2009

  • View from the Wheelchair

    №219 (23363) 19.11.09 “Memory – Union of Families of Perished, Deceased, and Disabled Was Veterans” Volkovyssk District Non-Governmental Organization has undertaken to supply all people with restricted capacity with wheelchairs

5 November 2009

  • Point of View

    №209 (23353) 04.11.09 The first specialized library for the blind people opened in Minsk as early as 1998. That was a central institution, included into “Vyspa” cultural and educational center under the auspices of the Belarusian Society of People with Impaired Vision (BelTIZ)

20 August 2009

  • Kindergarten for Grandmothers

    №153 (23297) 18.08.09 Every day except Monday the bus picks up throughout the city and brings the group of elderly people to the Minsk Jewish Community House

16 July 2009

13 June 2009

  • Restriction of Consciousness

    №107 (23251)12.06.09 Sergey Drozdovsky, chairman of the Belarusian Association of Disabled People in Wheelchairs, was the first who claimed for compensation of moral and pecuniary damage

22 April 2009

  • Cold Water – Dirty Banks…

    №74 (23218) 21.04.09 Banks of ponds are turning into dumps. Workers of the “Great Fishing Internet Club” non-governmental organization do not wish to be cooped among thrown out bottles and cigarette ends

6 April 2009

  • Does it Matter?

    №62 (23206) 03.04.09 The first Belarusian charitable telephone line “Save the Life” has been functioning for less than a month. It’s aim is to raise funds in order to help seriously ill children without parental custody, or to be more precise, to purchase diapers for Orphanages No. 1 and 2 in Minsk

26 March 2009

16 March 2009

  • Forest Income

    №33 (23177) 21.02.09 In 2009, Belarus, as well as Poland and all other world celebrate the 600th anniversary of establishing a reserve in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

18 February 2009

  • Little Street – No Room

    №30 (23174) 18.02.09 The Brest City Society of Disabled People was ordered to leave their premises

3 February 2009

  • Station of Awareness

    №19 (23163), 03.02.09 Blind people and people with impaired vision will easier orient themselves

21 January 2009

  • The List not Closed

    №9 (23153), 20.01.2009 The encyclopaedic reference-book “250 personalities from Belarus in Cultural Dialogues” was prepared and published with the participation of UNESCO.

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