Vecherny Brest

27 March 2012

1 November 2011

6 October 2011

  • I will be able to live without assistance

    05.10.11. The project was submitted within the small grant program in April of this year under support of the Belarusian and Danish Red Cross Societies, and was financed by the European Union.

23 September 2011

  • Rose in a barbed-wire

    21.09.11 Delegation of Maximilian-Kolbe-Werk German Charitable Society had a meeting with the former prisoners of concentration camps and ghetto, who live in Brest region

8 September 2011

  • Grant for eyesight

    07.09.11 An idea of virtual sight suggested by Nickolay Smekhovich, ex-chairman of the Kobryn district branch of the “Belarusian Society of Visually Impaired Persons” Non-Governmental Organization, was appreciated by Robert Reeves, attach? of the US Embassy in Minsk

7 September 2011

  • Priming canvases with dream and hope

    07.09.11 The Open Air was arranged at the initiative of Culture Department of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, Culture Department of the Lyakhovichy District Executive Committee, and the Regional Organization of the Belarusian Union of Artists.

23 June 2011

  • The waltz of youth

    22.06.11 The day-stay center for retired people has been created in "Khased David" Brest Jewish Charitable Centre half a year before

14 June 2011

  • Ponderable steps

    10.06.11 The Second Republican Council of the Belarusian Physical Training and Sports Federation ("BelTIZ") NGO for complex rehabilitation of sight-disabled people was held in the premises of the Brest regional organization

7 December 2010

  • To Touch the Grant

    04.12.10 “Belarusian Association of Social Workers” non-governmental organization submitted the papers to the US Embassy in Minsk