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7 December 2005

  • The fest dedicated to a serious problem

    № 91 (1149), 12.10.2005. In the framework of the special national campaign "Become more noticeable in the darkness !" the staff of Mogilyov Regional Department of traffic inspection in cooperation with Minsk Executive Committee and City Branch of Belarusian National Youth Union organised an action aiming at the prevention of traffic accidents with pedestrians and cyclists.

17 November 2005

4 October 2005

  • First-aid sets from the Red Cross

    № 71 (1129), 10.08.2005. "The Red Cross for the Harvesting Campaign" this action is being held by Mogilev branch of Belarusian Red Cross Society. The society collects the aid for participants of the harvesting campaigns two years on end already. The Red Cross has purchased and completed more than 1 500 first-aid sets for providing before-doctor medical services. All these medical sets were donated to farm-hands.

6 June 2005

3 May 2005

  • An action went by

    The Belarusian National Youth Union held an action Duty, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory. Members of the organization took an active part in the cleaning works of one of the city regions.

30 March 2005

  • Public life

    ? 27 (1085), 25.03.2005. A coordination center of non-governmental and national organizations, political parties and trade union was created in Mogilyov.

14 March 2005

  • Free life from pain and loneliness

    The non-governmental organization Children hospice appeared in Mogilyov last year. The patients — are children with oncological illnesses. The NGO helps them and their families in different ways, delivering medical, psychological and social support to the children and their families.

22 February 2005

  • Rewarding of volunteers

    The last fourth tournament of the regional festival of volunteers Make the good took place in Mogilyov on the 4th of February. The arrangement was organized by Mogilyov regional executive committee and a non-governmental organization The foundation of charity and health.

20 January 2005

  • Holidays for militia

    The non-governmental organization Belarusian National Youth Union organized a range of New Year discos for the students of Mogilyov College of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

17 December 2004

  • Sports days "Courage"

    № 97 (1050), 03.12.2004. NGO "National association of the disabled in wheel-chairs" organized sport competitions for the disabled people from Orsha, Mogilyov and Vitebsk.

  • The Danes like it to be by us

    № 96 (1049), 01.12.2004. The representatives of the Danish Red Cross Society delivered more than 16 tons of humanitarian aid to Belarus.

  • In order not to disappear one by one

    №96 (1049), 01.12.2004 A conference of Mogilyov branch of a non-governmental organization of entrepreneurs took place in Mogilyov.

15 November 2004

  • We are going-going-going

    Young people have worked as probationers for five months, after that they passed an exam to get a right to serve in firm trains, besides they entered the Belarussian National Youth Union

20 October 2004

  • Give them a little bit of your attention

    81(1034)08.10.2004 The medical-social centre of the Belarusian Red Cross Society gathers the elderly people. Some of them can receive only here the professional help of doctors and support from the side of such people as they are.

29 September 2004

  • Together for the strong, prosperous Belarus

    72(1025) 08.09.2004 The Belarussian Youth Union organized a complex of arrangements for the accomplishment of Mogilev. The students of practically all Mogilev universities took part in the arrangements, accomplishing to the welfare of the native city.

  • Pioneers have a name day

    73(1026) 10.09.2004 The Belarussian National Pioneers Organisation celebrates its 14 activity anniversary.

27 August 2004

  • With a visit of friendship and kindness

    63(1016) 06.08.2004 The article narrates about friendly relations between two organizations: Mogilev Branch of the Red Cross Society and a Department of the Union for Social , Humanitarian and Sanitary Help from Bulten (Saxony).

  • Labor semester-2004

    67(1020) 20.08.2004 The Belarussian Youth Union and the NGO "League for voluntary youth labor" are caring out a partner project of a patriotic youth movement, organizing a so called "studotryady" (students working groups).

23 August 2004

  • Action "Heart's memory"

    53(1006)02.07.2004 A charitable action "Heart' memory" takes place in Mogilyov Kuleshov University. The main aim of the action is to gather funds for a monument for the students, died in the first days of the Great Patriotic War.

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