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6 December 2005

3 November 2005

  • The expedition

    № 68 (1187), 06.09.2005. The participants of the ethnographic expedition on territory of Liozno and Rudnya districts brought home a lot of ethnographic novelties, discoveries and impressions. The expedition was organised by the National youth non-governmental organisation "Students' Ethnographic Society".

28 September 2005

  • The leadership of BLS asks KGB...

    № 61 (1180), 12.08.2005. The leadership of non-governmental organisation "Frantishak Skaryna Belarusian Language Society" addressed State Security Commitee (KGB) with a request to make all possible efforts for detaining and punishing those who attacked the office of the organisation in July.

16 August 2005

25 May 2005

  • Born in USSR

    № 37 (1156), 20.05.2005 The 19th of May is a Pioneers Day. The non-governmental organization Belarusian National Pioneers organization reported on the main achievements on this day.

  • Hurry to do good things

    № 36 (1155), 17.05.2005 The non-governmental organization Red cross society excepts the clothes and shoes in good condition for further dissemination.

  • 1100 of presents

    № 34 (1153), 06.05.2005 The non-governmental organization Belarusian society of charity and health appeals to the citizens of Vitebsk region in order to support the veterans of the Great Patriotic war.

3 May 2005

19 April 2005

  • A meeting of prisoners

    ? 27 (1146), 12.04.2005. The non-governmental organization Lyos (Destiny) organizes for the sevenths time already a meeting of ex-prisoners of fascist concentration camps.

12 April 2005

14 March 2005

22 February 2005

  • With a pain in a heart

    № 12 (1131), 15.02.2005 The representatives of Vitebsk regional non-governmental organization Belarusian union of Afghanistan veterans arrange a meeting of its members annually.

9 February 2005

  • Public waiting rooms

    A net of public waiting rooms will be opened in Vitebsk region. This poject is carried out by a regional branch of the Republican non-governmenatl organization "Lev Sapega Foundation" and is supported by the Sefan Batory Foundation.

11 January 2005

  • Our customs advance athletics among teenagers

    The custom officials take a patronage of children from boarding schools that do not have any opportunities for sport trainings. The children received sport equipment, the patrons hope that this equipment will help children not only to become healthier but itll raise the level of their self-esteem and self-appraisal.

17 December 2004

  • An international aid can be reduced to nothing

    ?95 (1113), 10.12.2004. According to a member of the German Social-Democratic Fraction, an intention of the Belarusian Government to concentrate all the foreign aid, coming from abroad, will lead to its exhaust.

10 December 2004

  • A dragon in the streets

    № 94 (1112), 07.12.2004 The inhabitants of one of the parts of Vitebsk saw an unusual spectacle a dragon, behind him a costume crowd of heroes of the belarusian and chinese mythology.

  • An international call for proposals for journalists

    №94 (1112), 07.12.2004 A german foundation Memory, responsibility and future announced a call for proposals Gestures of reconciliation within the frames of the first international call for proposals for journalists.

  • Forswear from loneliness

    №93 (1111), 03.12.2004 More than 300 of veterans and invalids are inhabiting Vitebsk regional territorial center of social services. The center celebrated its 10th anniversary in August 2004.

4 November 2004

20 October 2004

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