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23 May 2012

12 May 2012

23 March 2012

  • Ozarichy – Impossibly to Forget

    № 53 (27168) 21.03.12 The reporter met with Fedor Veras, the chairman of “Ozarichy” Republican Non-Governmental Organization of Former Prisoners of Ozarichy Concentration Camp, who got back from the requiem meeting held to memory of the 68th anniversary of liberation of the camp prisoners.

12 March 2012

  • Journalists were called upon to join the Army of Life

    №46(27161) 10.03.12. The Belarusian Union of Journalists, together with the Organizing Committee of the “Family – Unity – Fatherland” Republican Spiritual and Educational Program, arranged a seminar on the issues of demographic safety and discussion of the draft memorandum of civic concord of the mass media journalists, representatives of creative unions with respect to support and defence of family values.

5 March 2012

24 February 2012

  • Beauty saves children

    № 35 (27150) 22.02.12. “Help to Children of Chernobyl” Irish organization and its executive director Eddie Roach actively involve well known people in acts of kindness, also in Belarus

6 February 2012

  • Social service will become the government order

    №22(27137) 02.02.12 The Draft Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Entering Amendments and Addenda in Certain Laws of the Republic of Belarus Concerning the Issues of Social Services” has been discussed recently at the sitting of the House of Representatives’ Standing Commission on Labour, Social Welfare, Affairs of Veterans and Disabled People.

13 December 2011

  • Create your family-type children’s home

    № 237 (27101) 13.12.11 41 Mothers who bring up both biological and foster children deserve the Order of the Mother, believes Uladzimir Lipski, chair of the Belarusian Children’s Fund

2 December 2011

  • Uniting as a means for creation

    №229 (27093) 01.12.11 On the eve of the Lawyers’ Day, celebrated on December 4, the newspaper reporter interviewed Alena Nickolayeva, chair of the Vitebsk regional department of the Belarusian Republican Lawyers’ Union

28 October 2011

  • A person with disability: a professional or dependant?

    № 205 (27069) 27.10.11. The questions, asked by the disabled, are various: from employment to examples of real discrimination, when disability is a strict barrier in the way to employment, – says Sergey Drozdovsky, coordinator of the “Office for the Rights of People with Disabilities” non-governmental organization.

26 October 2011

22 September 2011

4 September 2011

2 September 2011

  • Parking for the disabled… Is it unoccupied?

    №166(27029) 01.09.11 Workers of the Gomel Motor Licencing and Inspection Department, together with the activists from the Disabled in Wheelchairs Regional Non-Governmental Organization tried to evoke a response from the drivers

13 July 2011

7 June 2011

  • Green line 8-801-201-5555

    № 104 (26977) 07.06.11 Calls are free throughout the territory of Belarus, – says Larisa Istomova, chair of the Business Ladies’ Club, Brest

26 May 2011

  • Business offers its program for crisis overcoming

    №95 (26968) 25.05.11 The open letter containing measures for overcoming the crisis in the field of currency regulation was signed and sent to the Government and the National Bank by the heads of the leading Belarusian business-unions: Belarusian Scientific and Industrial Association, Minsk Capital-city Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, Belarusian Union of Entrepreneurs, “BelEU” Republican Union of Employers, Republican Entrepreneurship Confederation

6 May 2011

  • Near Meadow of Turov

    №82 (26946) 05.05.11 Three years at a run, an unusual festival takes place early in May in ancient Turov, initiated by the world-known APB-BirdLife Belarus, Non-Governmental Organization

3 February 2011

24 November 2010

  • Mikalay Snapkou: “Belarusian nation has all necessary properties for being involved in business”

    № 229 (26837) 23.11.10 Elaboration of the draft Directive on development of entrepreneurs’ initiative and encouraging business activity is in progress today. Representatives from the Council of Entrepreneurship Development in the Republic of Belarus, Minsk Capital-City Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers non-governmental organization, Minsk Capital-City Union of Entrepreneurs non-governmental organization, Belarusian Union of Entrepreneurs non-governmental organization, Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, regulatory agencies subordinate to the Government, Prosecutor-General’s Office, Higher and Supreme Economic Courts, Regional and Minsk City Executive Committees take active part in elaboration thereof.

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