“Uncommon children” hope for turn of the tide

№95(27210) 22.05.12. The Ministry of Education has responded to the article “An uncommon person” published in this newspaper earlier. This referred to the problems of parents who had children with autistic disturbance. Integration of such children into the society is attended with great difficulties. Their productive life among people is possible only if specialist will be dealing with such children from their childhood. Unfortunately, there are few such specialists in Belarus. It is stated in the official response of the Ministry of Education, that the problem of children with autistic disturbance is within the Ministry’s eyeshot. 

“A special education system has been created in the Republic of Belarus which enables to make education for all children with special needs accessible… Majority of children with autistic disturbance are educated at the Centres of correction-and-development education and rehabilitation. Integrated education in pre-schools and secondary schools has been organized for children with undestroyed intelligence…”
The Ministry is planning to continue elaboration of methodological support for correctional studies in general secondary schools, development and testing of innovation models of arranging educational environment, develop international educational projects related to autism problems.
Workers of the “Children. Autism. Parents” Non-Governmental Organization confirmed that there were positive changes in this field.
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23 May 2012