Belarusians from abroad presented a cultural program at the Slavonic Market

№ 129 (26993) 12.07.11. Millions of Belarusians live throughout the world, outside Belarus.

A concert was arranged in the “Vitebsk” concert hall, preceded by the session of the Consulting Board for Affairs of Belarusians Living Abroad, under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture.
Ethnic Belarusians felt at home at the Slavonic Market, though were surprised that the Belarusian language was rarely heard in Vitebsk.
We often visit Belarus, maintain close contacts, exchange amateur’s groups, invite Belarusian specialists to work for our groups, - said Yan Sycheuski, chairman of the Main Board of the Belarusian Public and Cultural Society in Poland.
According to Valery Kazakov, chairman of the “Belarusians in Russia” Federation of the National and Cultural Autonomy, there are more than ten national cultural centers for Belarus in Russia, which exist under financial support from the Russian budget
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13 July 2011